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Saif Ali Khan Talks About Approving Daughter Sara’s Choice Of Dating Kartik Aaryan. And We Think That’s So Cool

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My father, or every other father that matter, especially of a daughter, is protective and possessive. And I know this, because the only one time that I invited a boy back home to meet with my parents, was also the last time I ever did that. And not to get into the details or anything, but let’s just say the choice of words got juicier and the volume louder once the topic of me seeing that friend ‘romantically’ hit the table. But for a very odd reason, my father’s reaction didn’t come as a shock to me. But what did on the other hand, was Saif Ali Khan’s reaction to her daughter’s alleged boyfriend – Kartik Aaryan.

The Love Aaj Kal 2 couple, Sara Ali Khan and Kartik Aaryan who have been rumoured (read:confirmed) to be together ever since Sara candidly mentioned on Karan Johar’s famous chat show Koffee With Karan, how she finds him cute, but have yet not come out in the open about the status of their ‘relationship’. And while the two still remain tight-lipped, they’ve been casually spotted with each other so many times, no one believes them anymore. Seems like Sara’s dad, Saif Ali Khan has decided to put to rest our raging curiosity and finally spoken about them.

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In an interview with ETimes, Saif Ali Khan said, “In person Sara is good, she knows what she wants and usually likes nice people. So I’m sure he’s (Kartik) a lovely guy because you know I have full trust in her values and what kind of things she would be drawn to. So you know, if she likes him, then he must be nice.” And honestly, we love how new age he is being about it.

I mean, most father’s would not be comfortable or fond of the guy his daughter is seeing. But guess Daddy Nawab is changing the game, for his extremely calm and chill reply must not just have been a relief for Kartik, but also for us. We will now slyly be using the instance as a case study in front of our parents, lest they scare off another guy we bring home.

The movie that is going to be a sequel to Saif’s original ‘Love Aaj Kal’, is going to be titled ‘Aaj Kal’, directed by Imitiaz Ali and set to hit the screens next year, during Valentines Day.

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