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Saif Ali Khan Spoke About How Amrita Singh Was Instrumental In Shaping His Career. That’s The Kind Of Man We Respect.

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Recently, when Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput shot together for Vogue, netizens trolled Mira mercilessly. They questioned her stance on nepotism, her achievements and what she has done to deserve a cover of a publication. It’s so easy for people to act heartlessly and say things that are outright mean, sitting protected behind a screen. They said she was just reaping benefits while it’s Shahid doing all the work. Back then, I had written about how unfair that is to Mira. I strongly believe that your partner plays a major role in your career and their support makes all the difference. So according to me, Mira has been instrumental in Shahid’s success and can share it, rightfully. Which is why, in a recent interview with Mid-Day when Saif Ali Khan opened up how his ex-wife Amrita Singh impacted his career, I felt really happy.

Somehow, Saif seems like a guy who doesn’t have a misogynistic bone in his body and respects women. It’s not like I know him personally, but well, we all make presumptions generously, so why not.  He eloped and married Amrita Singh at 20, an age when most of us were just bunking lectures and devouring vada pavs outside our college. “And I’ve to give Amrita [Singh], my ex-wife, credit for being the only person who taught me to take it all [work/show-business] seriously. She said you can’t hit the target while laughing at it. That’s when Parampara happened,” he said.

Back when he was young and in a Wake up Sid phase, his dad made him take up a job that wasn’t quite his cup of tea. Saif revealed, “My father put me on a bus to an ad agency in Sunder Nagar. One of my jobs was to make religious calendars for Birlas. The only creative [call] was whether we should put Lord Vishnu in October, or November. I soon lost interest!” He further explained that he wasn’t very confident back then. “Honestly the way my upbringing was, the kind of life I’d had, or lack of confidence — I wasn’t a cinematic figure, in terms of being shot in photos. I was effeminate, coy, shy, unsure, worst qualities for an actor in Bombay,” he said.

But here he is, being not just an actor but also a star! However, his career was going downhill and it was Dil Chahta Hai that turned things around. In fact, Saif revealed that it was Amrita Singh who made him believe in himself and confidently play Sameer in the film. We all know how well that turned out!

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In fact, when Saif was getting married to Kareena, Amrita handled it with much grace. Sara Ali Khan had revealed how she was full of positivity even at that juncture. “When my father just got married to Kareena, I remember going to the locker with my mother and taking out jewellery and saying which jhumkas should I wear? She called Abu and Sandeep and said, ‘Saif is getting married and I want Sara to have the most beautiful lehenga,” Sara said. They give such life goals!

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