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Saif Ali Khan Said Rani Mukerji Asked Him To Treat Kareena Kapoor Like A Man. Why Do We Have To Be Like A Man To Be Respected?

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The men of our country are enjoying royal status while the women are treated like lowly creatures. And none of this is on merit. These people are filled with penis-pride and feel it’s their birth right to be served. In fact, they feel like they have the monopoly over being cool, strong and successful. Any woman who is these things, must be called a tomboy or be bestowed upon masculine terms like ‘hero’ and ‘manly’. She drinks like a man, fights like a man, is fearless like a man. Why? It’s just so inherent that I feel people unknowingly say things with a sexist undertone lightly and sometimes even with the best intention.

So when Saif Ali Khan was on Kareena Kapoor’s talk show What Women Want, he made several revelations about their relationship. When Kareena asked him if “gender defined roles” apply to their marriage, he spoke up about a tip Rani Mukeji had given him when he had just begun dating Kareena. “I remember Rani Mukerji told me once when we had just started dating… you and I. Because I don’t think I had ever been out with a working actress before, she said: ‘Just behave like you are in a relationship with a man.’ I know what she meant. She meant, ‘Don’t get into the gender of it. Treat it like you got two heroes in the house. And then you’ll have no problems’. And I think she’s right,” Saif revealed.

Rani Mukerji suggested he treat Kareena like a man, which brings us back to the inherent sexism in our country. Why is it that to be treated with respect, you have to be treated like a man and not a woman? I mean, it’s really true. Both Kareena and Saif are working professionals and of course, it means both of them have to equally divide domestic duties (although I feel they may have several people looking into it!). But it’s not just about domestic and parenting duties.

Usually, even if both partners are working, the wife is expected to keep her career secondary and make sacrifices to spend time with her husband and family. It should be equal effort from both husband and wife. And for a woman to get the same power, she must be treated like the men get treated. Nobody is oppressing the men and we need the same place in the society. We don’t want to oppress men; no gender must be treated like a second-class citizen.

I believe Rani Mukerji, who seems like a strong woman to me, didn’t mean to put it that way. I believe, Saif Ali Khan, who doesn’t seem sexist to me, didn’t have to be told to treat Kareena with equality. And Kareena, who is an independent woman herself, wouldn’t have taken it any other way. But like I said, the sexism and gender-bias is so deeply rooted in our system, we don’t even realise what we said was sexist.

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However, if things have to truly change, these little things need to be fixed. We don’t want to be treated like a man. We want to be treated like a woman; what’s so undignified about that? We want to be treated like a human. It’s not even man vs woman because the LGBTQ+ community is very much a part of our society. And every human deserves same rights, without their gender defining what they can be.

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