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Saif Ali Khan Said Jawaani Jaaneman Is About Accepting Family Responsibilities. Why Are We Running Away From Marriage, Anyway?

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Our parents belong to a generation that was highly focused on settling down. Their lives had a set path – finding a good job, getting married and then having children were the milestones. They spent their entire lives raising their kids, investing in property and saving money. But we, on the other hand, have grown up to be quite the opposite. A lot of us today are embracing singlehood with a passion and that’s okay. But what I don’t understand is the way we are shunning marriage, family life and responsibilities as if all of this is the opposite of self-growth. I don’t know at what point having a family life became a terrible thing.

Recently, Saif Ali Khan reflected on his upcoming movie Jawaani Jaaneman, which revolves around a guy who thinks marriage is such a “chomu” thing to opt for. He said how the movie is about that guy accepting age and responsibilities eventually. “This story is about a man accepting his age, his responsibilities and his journey in life. I think the father is one of the most important people in our lives. A lot of people mess up being a father and create children that need therapy, that need friendship and that need all kinds of things to fix their problems because they are not ready to be responsible fathers. In the film, my character is not ready. He thinks that (having) a family is not cool, and the solo life is the way to go,” Saif explained.

He further added, “My character believes that family makes a man a ‘chomu‘. He means that after marriage, we (men) become slaves of our wives and children and that changes the vibe. So, my character celebrates ‘jawaani‘ (youth). ‘Jawaani‘ is his ‘Jaaneman‘ (darling). He is a bachelor and he is scared of the concept of family.”

I can’t agree more with Saif Ali Khan on this. You will find so many men today who believe that it sucks to be answerable to someone or be responsible for someone’s feelings. They think that marriage restricts them from living the good life. But what is so wrong with having a partner who will be with you in sickness and in health? I think those compromises are worth making. Plus, a healthy relationship will not restrict your freedom and there is nothing wrong about being responsible.

In fact, I think several men had this mindset since a long time, even in the older generations. It’s just that during our parents’ youth, they didn’t have a choice but to accept marriage and family life. How many fathers actually contribute with emotional investment? Why does a child always go to its mother if they need warmth? I feel this is a movie every guy should watch so that we as a generation don’t go around with our emotional baggage and commitment phobias unchecked.

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Jawaani Jaaneman is all set to release on 31st January, 2020. Take the men in your life to watch this movie and while I don’t think it can change much, but maybe it will plant the seed in their tough heads!

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