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Sai Pallavi Turned Down A 2 Crore Fairness Cream Endorsement And We’re Applauding Her Stand

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It’s been a good and reassuring morning for all of us today. Why? Because the recent news about Kollywood actress Sai Pallavi is making headlines and earning mad respect and winning hearts for this lady. She turned down a whopping 2 crore endorsement for a fairness cream brand. For those who don’t know, it’s not surprising. Sai Pallavi is one of the very few actresses that has always been too confident in her own skin. Her role in the hit film Premam received critical and audience acclaim for her no-makeup look.

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This is where it all began ❤️ Premam ❤️

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Sai Pallavi, like any other woman, does not have a perfect skin and as an actress by profession, it did not come easy for her to abandon the beauty ideals she was fed in the industry. But it was her director Alphonse Putharen who convinced her and gave her the confidence embrace her imperfections and to do the movie with no ounce of makeup. That is the kind of spunk that we need from the filmy role-models in this day and age where perfection is being sold like a social mandate.

The Maari 2 actress, standing strong on her word, did not let the huge amount she was offered for an endorsement shift her belief as she almost instantly turned the endorsement down, claiming she has no problem in projecting her face as is and doesn’t require to use or sell the idea of fabrication to others if she herself doesn’t believe in it.

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No wonder, her fans are appreciating her for her strong ethic and we are too. We hope, like everything else from song tunes to screenplay, this attitude also finds its way from Kollywood to Bollywood and actors celebrate realism with just as much passion as they do other things.


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