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Sadhguru Has Some Bewildering Things To Say About Breast Milk And We Suggest He Check His Facts

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At 23, I find myself working at a job that I love and one that requires me to write about variety of topics ranging from lifestyle to health to entertainment to social and political causes and everything in between. And so, if I know about the story, I write it out and if I don’t, then I research about it. For example, I have not experienced motherhood and so, I refrain from making blanket statements about things to do with it. We say this, after an old video of Jaggi Vasudev, popularly known as Sadhguru resurfaced on Twitter, that talked about breastfeeding.

Taking the liberty of going ahead talking about breastfeeding, as though he knows about it through personal experience, the famous and much loved Indian yogi, Sadhguru had made a rather controversial and non-nonsensical statement during, and this is what a Twitter account says but cannot be confirmed, a national conference of gynaecologists, where he was invited as a speaker. He said, “When a woman delivers twins, one breast will produce one type of milk and the other will produce other type of milk,” and honestly speaking, we are just as surprised and lost as you might be.

Why would a yogi be called at an event like this, is beyond our understanding, considering the last time we checked, he was an expert on spirituality and philosophy and not on womanhood during its post pregnancy glory. However, not letting his anatomy or non-study of science come in the way, he dropped major gems at this event. For example, he also mentioned that the ‘milk a woman produces when she has a male child is different from the milk she produces when she has a female child.’

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Basically calling out women breasts no short of a flavoured milk machine that apparently manufacture different kinds of milk when they conceive twins, nothing about what he said was comprehensible to anyone. In fact, we were left utterly confused and annoyed at why would anyone claim such absurdity in the first place. All the while wondering, which god forsaken source was he getting his information on. Because it clearly is anything but the truth.

Twitter too, jumping in to cash on the moment by slamming the words of Sadhguru, did not let this slide, taking on Sadhguru by doing what we do best, make memes. In fact, they even asked him what would happen if a woman were to have triplets instead of twins. and if in that case the third kind of milk would come out of the third breast, that would as magically appear out of thin air, which at this point, is as plausible as his theory.

Could it be that women have had this secret superpower all along and were only told about it by the ever knowledgeable and wise Sadhguru? We don’t know, but my god, we are going for world domination if this is true.

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