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Sabyasachi’s Grand Calcutta Mansion Will Take Your Breath Away!

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Are you even a desi bride if you’ve haven’t dreamt of wearing a resplendent Sabyasachi lehenga? The man literally weaves magic with his fingers. And his design sensibilities make us sigh, you know in that ‘How can you be this good?’ way. So when Architectural Digest India’s September 2018 issue unveiled the first look of Sabyasachi’s Calcutta mansion, we were entranced. The photos are charmingly captured by Björn Wallander for Architectural Digest India.

This isn’t your regular affair, this is like a space created with thought, passion and love. Each element is carefully selected, and flows into each other so the entire space comes alive.

In an exclusive interview with AD, Sabyasachi says, that this sprawling 7,250-square-foot mansion that has been configured for just A Single Man. The guest bedrooms having been converted into a series of walk-in closets, a shoe room and a jaw-dropping bathroom with a chandelier as large as the tub beneath it. “This house is going to change the way I live and, more importantly, change the way I work.”

For Sabya, fashion is a business, if not a passion. “Maybe I’ll become an interior designer. Or maybe I’ll extend into homeware, furniture, antiques, maybe even a hotel.”

Here’s a look at the designer’s gorgeous new home.

Inpost Sabya 1

Inpost Sabya 2

Inpost Sabya 3




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