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6 Getaways In India That Are Calling Out To You Lovebirds

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Winter is all about hot chocolate, cuddles, romantic movies, and great dates to reconnect with your partner — what’s not to love about the season? It truly is the best time of the year for a first, second or 50th honeymoon. If you’re looking to get away, far from the madding crowds, and spend some quality time with your loved one, here are 6 spots in India that be ideal for this magical season.


Jaisalmer Romantic Getaway_Hauterfly


1. Jaisalmer, Rajasthan

Rajasthan is the perfect vacation destination, especially during winter, since it’s hard to survive the summer in this state. The temperature ranges from 23°C to 5°C, which is neither too cold nor too warm to venture outside and do some siteseeing. As we’ve told you earlier, Jaisalmer is where you can have breakfast with peacocks, dine under the stars with your loved one, and make some lovely memories. Hotels in Jaisalmer organise some super fun excursions, from a temple trail to the haunted chudail trail — each experience is craftily and luxuriously designed for maximum enjoyment.

There are some nice hotels to choose from too, such as Hotel Suryagarh, where they have Rait, the region’s first desert spa that provides rejuvenating massage treatments. You can also participate in cooking demonstrations, learn lacquer painting or go for a romantic camel ride with your SO through the desert. A few other options in Jaisalmer include 1st Gate Home-Fusion and Rawal Kot, which also have some great facilities.

Jaisalmer is ideal for a 3-day trip, but if you’re travelling from Delhi, then keeping an extra day is highly recommended. A 3 night-4 day trip works well if you’re looking at a non-fussy, fun trip,

Hotel Suryagarh: Rs 15,300 per night
Rawal Kot: Rs 7,500 per night
1st Gate Home-Fusion: Rs. 8,500 per night


Hampi Romantic Getaway_Hauterfly

Photo Concierge

2. Hampi, Karnataka

Bangalore is known for its amazing weather all year round, but neighbouring places like Hampi can’t exactly boast the same. But winter is the right time to go to Hampi — the temperature will be around 18°C, so it’s pleasant enough to either just laze around or enjoy some outdoor excursions.

Shanthi Guest House, a cute little nook with some nice cottages, has a sunrise trek up the Anjaneya Hill, with a Hanuman Temple where Lord Hanuman is said to have been born. If you’re looking for a heritage hotel, Shivavilas Heritage hotel is a good pick, and if you’re looking to live it up a little, you can check-in to the Hyatt Place.

We strongly recommend Bouldering — a form of rock-climbing performed without the use of ropes or harnesses, for highly adventurous couples. November and December is the best time for bouldering! Hampi can easily be done in 2 to 2 and a half days, as it’s just 8 hours from Bangalore. It’s the perfect getaway for a relaxed, food-filled, and fun-filled trip.

Shanthi Guest House: Rs 2,000 per night
Shivavilas Palace Heritage Hotel: Up to Rs 13,000 per night
Hyatt Place: Up to Rs 9,000 per night


3. Kutch, Gujarat

The Rann festival in Kutch takes place between November and February, which is why this is the best season to visit this paradise. During winter, the air in Kutch is crisp and chilly, with the temperature sometimes dropping to 0°C.

Have a picnic by the Topansar lake, enjoy a sundowner at the White Desert, and enjoying camel and horse rides on the shore of Mandvi beach on your visit. If you’re looking for a place to stay, you can choose Toran Resort, which is a traditional Kutch hotel with mud houses or Bhungas. There is also City The Village Resort, which boasts luxury cottages.

A 3-4 day trip to Kutch would cover your picnic, a safari day at the bird sanctuary, and to rejuvenate at Mandvi beach. It’s a 14-hour trip from Mumbai so if you’re travelling by road or by train, you should keep an extra day.

Toran Resort: Starting from Rs 5,000 per night
City The Village Resort: Starting from Rs 5,000 per night


Kohimo Romantic Getaway_Hauterfly

4. Kohima, Nagaland

The Northeast of our country is truly stunning, and Kohima is the perfect place to go, if you are planning a longer trip. The temperature drops to 18°C and below. Experience the Hornbill festival in December, when traditional dances, folk songs, and theatrical performances are held — the perfect way to partake in the local culture. They also have the Hornbill Rock Festival, where bands from all across the country perform. Sounds fun, right?

There aren’t too many luxury hotels here, but the ones on offer are pretty cozy. De Orient Grand Hotel has good food, nice rooms, a pool and a spa as well. Other options in Kohima include Hotel Vivor and Aradura Inn.

Kohima can be covered in 4 days, enjoying the festival and visiting the Kohima museum and the zoo.

De Orient Grand Hotel: Starting from Rs 6,000 per night
Hotel Vivor: Starting from Rs 5,000 per night
Aradura Inn: Up to Rs 6,000 per night


5. Auli, Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand is a respite from the reeling Delhi summers, and serves as a great quick getaway option during the winter to experience some awesome weather. Auli is a well-known ski destination and the temperature here is quite unpredictable — from 2 to 10 degrees in winters and if you’ve never seen snow, plan a trip STAT.

Auli hosts the world’s largest artificial lake and is surrounded by high peaks all around. You can go snow trekking on the Kuari Pass Trek, take the cable car from Auli to Joshimath, or just enjoy snow-capped mountains with a cup of tea, if leisure is what you’re looking for.

Auli doesn’t have too many accommodation options, but the ones available are quite lovely. Clifftop Club Resort is your best bet here, as this is a ski resort that hosts ski lessons as well. They have a nice spa, which offers special honeymoon packages, and arrange bonfire nights for their guests every evening too. If you plan to stay at Joshimath, Dream Mountain Resort will take care of your mountain holiday with their lovely, well-equipped tents. Another option, and the most preferred one by travellers, is the GMVN Tourist Bungalow. This is a budget hotel with all amenities that also provides sightseeing packages.

Auli can be done in 4 nights and 5 days, if you include a 2-night stay at Joshimath, learning how to ski, and enjoying the solitude of the mountains. The hotels can arrange candlelight dinners for you — what else could you ask for in a romantic, snow-clad region!

Clifftop Club Resort: Starting from Rs 12,000
Dream Mountain Resort: Starting from Rs 2,000
GMVN Auli: Contact here for booking information


Andaman And Nicobar Romantic Getaway_Hauterfly


6. Andaman & Nicobar Islands

Who said winters can’t be about exotic beaches and pristine islands? Andaman & Nicobar Islands is, without a doubt, the best second honeymoon you can go for. While the weather is more or less constant through the year, winter is the ideal time to visit. Even though there are flight options available, take out the time and head to the islands via sea. Ships are available from Kolkata, Visakhapatnam, and Chennai.

You can take scuba-diving lessons and go snorkelling at Neil Island, visit the Andaman Sports Complex, and visit the Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park, among the various other fun activities out here. The park offers glass-bottom boats, scuba diving, and snorkelling facilities — experience marine life and coral reefs like never before.

There are many exotic resorts and hotels in Andaman. SeaShell at Havelock is a beachside resort offering an in-house scuba-diving centre to explore the ocean. They also have a spa with special packages and a great bar serving up some delicious cocktails. Coral Reef Resort is another good option if you’re looking to stay by the beach surrounded by coconut trees! Silver Sand Resort is another hotel that offers luxurious and deluxe rooms for a pleasant stay.

Travelling to this place needs a 10-day minimum plan, as the distance is a fair bit. It takes nearly 4 days by sea. But a week is good enough to explore the lovely beaches, get a couple of water sports lessons, and sip cocktails with your friend or partner!

SeaShell: Starting from Rs 18,500 per night
Coral Reef Resort: Starting from Rs 12,000 per night
Silver Sand Beach Resort: Rs 15,000 per night

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