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Romantic Details About The NickYanka Wedding Are Here And We Are Loving It

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NickYanka tied the knot in December 2018, and although we’ve upgraded to 2019, we still can’t stop obsessing over their wedding! We tried, okay. We genuinely tried. But then all these details have emerged from stylists, jewellers and all that and now we are gushing over all things #NickYanka all over again.

It was a big, big day.  But it was the small details of their wedding that made it really endearing. And we can’t help by swoon over how interesting it has become. Mrinalini Chandra, the jeweller and the maker of the custom kalire that Peecee wore just shared with us how even this seemingly insignificant piece of jewellery also embodied Priyanka and Nick’s entire love story.

In an Instagram post, she revealed that the kalire had engravings of the couples silhouettes, their initials, a Greek symbol marking where Nick proposed to Priyanka,  a cross and a trishul to represent both their religions and even a ‘Mr. Chip Potts’ symbol that the couple adores.

Not just this, her Ralph Lauren wedding gown was also laced with elements of her romance with Nick. The dress had the date- Dec. 1 2018 – and the word ‘Love’ weaved into it. The close-up video shared by Ralph Lauren captures the embroidery in detail and we can’t miss PeeCee’s expression as she puts the dress on.

The video’s caption reveals the story behind the dress, the tiny details and how it is a representation of the sensibility of this designer. Of the interesting contrasts in silhouette, embroidery and the like. We love how the story of NickYanka is slowly unfolding and we get a sneak peek into the love of these two gorgeous people.


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