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Rihanna Gets Slammed After She Posed Topless Wearing A Ganesha Necklace

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There was a time, almost a decade ago, when the reason why we’d have pop singer Rihanna’s name on our lips would be because we were humming her songs and swaying to her beats. Rihanna was a music sensation and every time anyone spoke about her, we couldn’t help but relate her to her popular songs. However, from then to now, a lot has changed. For instance, the reason why anyone would be taking Rihanna’s name now would be to discuss the ongoing controversy after she commented on the Farmer’s protest.

Having come under the radar, the singer since then has received mixed reactions from the public for taking her stand. However, the very latest reason why people might be talking about her is not because of her songs or her protest but her recent ensemble that has riled the sentiments of a few Indians.

Hit singer Rihanna was slammed by Poonawalla after she posted a picture of herself topless, wearing nothing but accessories, including a necklace that featured a Lord Ganesha pendant.

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Objecting to her post on social media, where Rihanna could be seen posing for her brand Savage X Fenty, Shehzad wrote, “I am a Muslim but as an Indian and Maharashtrian I love Lord Ganesha ji – sorry this misuse of Ganesha ji image hurts my feelings & sentiments – will Rihanna Backers in India accept this also? #GaneshaInsulted“.

Soon after the post went online, a lot of other people also chimed in as they reprimanded the singer for her bold choices. Blaming her for “hurting sentiments” , twitter was enraged with users that called her post simply “unacceptable”.

In the post, Rihanna had posed topless and in purple satin shorts, donning on several accessories such as diamond bracelets, neckpieces and earrings, and among them a Ganesha necklace that caused all the frenzy.

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