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Richa Chadha And Kangana’s Politics May Be Vastly Different But On Sets They Were Professionals. Like It Should Be

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I really like strong-headed, opinionated women who don’t shy away from speaking their mind. I am one myself and quite unapologetic at that. We owe it to ourselves and to the world we are trying to make women-friendly, to be iron-willed and non-submissive. How else are we going to fiercely fight our way to establishing equilibrium in our country? Which is why, I thoroughly admire women in Bollywood who don’t mince their words or quieten themselves to avoid backlash. Their audience is not limited to four people in their vicinity but includes a number so huge that it will never ever reflect in my bank account, unless I get into illegal organ harvesting (I am not keen to do that, so poor I shall be!) Panga actresses, Kangana Ranaut and Richa Chadha are both exemplary of strength and I admire them for that.

But having two headstrong people with contrasting political views working together can be a recipe for disaster, except in this case, it was not. In an interview, Richa Chadha opened up being a part of Panga and working with Kangana (with whom her political ideologies clash!). “I have known Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari’s style of working and thoroughly enjoyed my role. It was different from the recent roles I had done and I really liked the story and wanted to be a part of it.”

Commenting on her equation with Kangana, she said, “Our synergy as actors worked well on-screen. We had a good time and it is not necessary that you make friends on all sets. At the end of the day, we are all here to give in our best.”

When she was asked if it was difficult working with Kangana, Richa gave a very mature response, “It is not necessary that your wavelengths and thoughts match with everyone, but I am happy that man and everyone is entitled to their opinion, but on sets, we are professionals. But I am happy that many citizens who are aware have come forward to lead the protests and spark a revolution of sorts. It’s an onward journey from hereon.”

This has me all awestruck because it’s great to be bold and opinionated, but what is even more commendable is respecting someone disagreeing to your opinions. This, especially when you’ve come together professionally. Personally, when it’s about a subject that holds great significance, you may not want to be best buddies with someone whose ideology you don’t agree with. For instance, I will never be friends with a sexist guy or a woman who is a pushover. But professionally, you have to focus on the bigger things. Except when you’re being offered to work with a sexual offender. That’s just black and white.

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In a previous interview with IANS, Richa Chadha had revealed that they never talked about politics, “We never discuss politics on a film set and it really does not matter as an individual which political ideology we subscribe to. I am not here to change anyone’s beliefs and what their politics are. Everyone has their own beliefs and I am vocal about things that I strongly believe in.” She further added, “When it comes to Panga, we were making a film. We did that peacefully, professionally and in sync with the vision of the director. And there is no doubt about the fact that Kangana is a brilliant actress.” That’s really mature! So much respect to these powerful women.

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