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RHTDM Might Get A Sequel And The News Has Us All Excited. We Can’t Wait.

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When Rehna Hai Tere Dil Mein came out in 2001, I didn’t particularly fall in love with it. I mean, I thought Dia Mirza was gorgeous and Madhavan made my hormones rage, but besides that, I don’t have a particular recollection of the story line. That was probably the case with a lot of people, us millennials. But let me tell you this, no one, absolutely no one could escape the steamy, sexy song that was Zara zara behakta hai. 

For a generation that had grown up watching flowers kissing to imply sex and when pecks on the cheek had women turning away to show that she was sanskaari, this song was a boatload of hot. Add to that the fact that these absolutely gorgeous people were turning up the heat in the song and you know this would be played in the background when many of us were doing the deed- and for a long time after. Admittedly, they made Dia Mirza run a lot in those fields but hey, it’s glorious. Looking back at it now, I realise that it was also very…purple. Like Barney had thrown up on it a little bit. Or a lot.

Point being, for a RHTDM was a rite of passage into the world of adulthood and news has come along that there are chances that it will get a sequel and I was squealing with excitement when I found out. Look, the movie might have not been known for its theatrics, but it certainly left an indelible mark on the impressionable me. And I would love to see a sequel.

According to a Mid-Day source, “The makers toyed with some concepts, on and off, over the years. Only now have they found a script that has appealed to everyone and seems a natural progression to the lives of Maddy and Reena. The script is in the final stage of development.” Reports suggest that the movie will move ahead in time, featuring the main character’s marriage and the disillusionment that eventually creeps in.

Dia Mirza recently did a live with Madhavan during this lockdown and inevitably, the conversation turned to RHTDM. And Dia mentioned that “We both want to work together and we are doing our best but we will only work together when we’re doing our best. Because there is something so special about Reena and Maddy and the connection people have with them. ”

In the OG movie, Maddy, the character Madhavan played was a bit of a brat, irresponsible and willing to fan the flames of a decades-old rivalry, given a chance. Reena was a sweet character, no much of a departure from the simpering damsels on the time. We hope with this sequel, Maddy has grown up, Reena calls out people on their BS and the whole thing is a fabulous watch. Maybe we can have a steamier Zara zara. I should stop. Fine, I will leave. But I know you want it as much as I do. The sequel. What were you thinking?

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