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5 Easy Tips To Spice Up Your Resume

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Not hearing back from employers for weeks? Job hunt frustrating you? Have you started cursing your luck? Hold up. The problem might be your resume. You will be surprised at how often boring resumes kill your chance at an amazing job. Even if you are happy and content at your current work place, updating your resume regularly, for future purposes, might be a good habit to inculcate. And if you are someone who still has your resume written out in Microsoft Word 2007, well it’s time for an upgrade! Here are 5 quick tips that you can implement right away to make your CV look a *lot* better. After all, that piece of paper is the first impression any potential employer has of you, so it has to be kickass, right?

1. Add Personality

Be clear as to what you want your prospective boss to know and what you want to leave out. Honesty is definitely the way to go and if you are bombarded with questions about a particular aspect of your resume later, you should be able to answer them confidently. Tell them who you are and they will hire you for that and not someone who is a fake.

2. Cut The Unnecessary Stuff Out

Now, while it is important for you to describe yourself, the employer doesn’t want to know about your entire life history! List out your achievements rather than your potential. Let your work talk and show that on your resume. It doesn’t have to be just a page long, and if you have a lot of experience then go ahead and put it. But if you feel like taking a nap while reading you resume, then you know there’s a problem.

3. Edit. Edit. Edit.

Good writing is your gateway to a great job. Use simple yet effective sentences and make sure you don’t go all Shakespeare in order to look fancy to your potential employer. Crisp language, short lines, and edgy words will work wonders!

4. Keep It Clean

Don’t go overboard with the columns, rows, and coloured lines on your resume. Categorise, but make sure it looks systematic professional, and the person reading it can understand what you are trying to convey. It also is a sure-shot example of your organisation skills and how you can de-clutter your life! Yes, these things matter.

5. Work On The Keywords

Before applying for the job, go through their job description and pick out the major keywords. Then write your resume in a way that those keywords stand out and are clearly visible to the reader. If the description says that excel skills are required, make sure your resume highlights your excel skills and projects that you have been part of. This will ensure that they find you to be the perfect fit for the job!


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