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6 Non-Cheesy Acts Of Romance To Try On Your Next Date

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If you’re in a relationship or have someone special in your life, you know that your happy place often tends to be linked to that person — you know that break-all-barriers, walk-through-walls kind of love?

People say the best time in a relationship is the honeymoon period, but those who have survived post that phase will tell you that, it’s what comes after that defines it. When the honeymoon goggles come off, you tend to observe your partner more as a person, rather than a lover — making things a lot clearer.

Romance still retains its place, but what takes centre-stage is the friendship. The basis of a good relationship has got to be a strong friendship, and the only way you can build a strong friendship is through creating a connection, smoking up that chemistry, and of course, having a whole lot of fun.

When a relationship crosses the honeymoon milestone, things can sometimes get boring and monotonous, and that’s when you need to rope in that “fun” factor.

So for the lactose intolerant, non-cheesy lovers out there, here are 6 fun things you can do with your partner to kindle that romance, keeping it totally fun — it will instantly perk up the moment, break the monotony, and bring some spunky masti into your relationship.


Non Cheesy Dates_Hauterfly

1. Sports time + you time

Pick his favourite sport and try to understand the love he has for it. Either spend an afternoon allowing him to explain the game to you, or if he plays it, let him teach you the basics. Rallying with the girlfriend is actually fun for most guys. You might not be good at it, but the fact that you’re trying will definitely bring you two closer together.

Basically showing interest in his passion will make him feel like you’re trying to get to know him better.


Non Cheesy Dates_Hauterfly

2. Shake it up!

Pick something that’s a little out there on your next date, rather than the usual. Be confident and take charge. If you’re at a live sushi counter, ask if you can assist with something, if you’re at a sports pub, start dancing even though no one else is.

Drag him into it and watch his smile creep up — even though he might get super embarrassed, your confidence will turn him on.


Non Cheesy Dates_Hauterfly

3. Personality switch

The next time you go out somewhere, switch personalities and role play. Remember how Claire and Phil created their own Clive and Juliana? Taking up alter-egos when you’re dating a person for 5 years can be a little strange, but it’s also super fun.

You unknowingly find out secret desires hidden within each other, plus you have a great time playing dress-up. If all falls flat, trust us, you will have a kinky story to tell and a lot more to laugh about.


Non Cheesy Dates_Hauterfly

4. Childhood love

A way to guy’s heart is through his stomach, and if your guy is a foodie, then you’re in for a tantalising ride. If you cannot cook, a simple gesture like baking pizza or cooking pasta will make his heart melt (and his stomach rumble). If you are a great cook, then how about trying out a new dish all together… something exotic and unheard of may be?

Oh and since boys love their toys, why not build a pillow and bed-sheet fort and decorate it with fairy lights. Like when you were kids,  remember? This makes the ambience romantic, but super cute too!


Non Cheesy Dates_Hauterfly

5. Tease-me-not

If you’re trying to ease a little bit of tension and want it to lead into a sexy time, then go for a mini strip-tease. Nope, not the sleazy kind you’re thinking about. How about wearing his clothes and stripping off in a cute, yet sexy manner?

You can either dance to his favourite jams and do so, or play strip poker with questions about each other! This way you get to know each other better, while losing each and every piece of clothing.


Non Cheesy Dates_Hauterfly

6. Drive him crazy

Once again for the foodie BF, surprise him by taking him food hopping — but not in the city. Drive through the outskirts of your city and take him on an amazing food journey he will never forget. Go to the dhabas, the small little food stalls, and the random mini-restaurants.

Away from the usual bustle, this is also a great way to get to know each other, and spend some quality time during the non-trafficked drive.


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