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8 Reasons Why We Miss The Original Cast Of Grey’s Anatomy

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We’re into season 13 of Grey’s Anatomy but we still cannot forgive show creator Shonda Rhimes for letting go of one main character season after season. Guilty, as charged, for watching several reruns of the American medical drama while also keeping up with the current episodes — you don’t know why you’re still loyal, but you simply are.

Literally, seasons have gone by and we feel like the characters have become a part of our lives. Whether it was grooving alongside Meredith and Cristina, sobbing when we found out John Doe was O’Malley, or literally dying when the shooter was on the loose, we have followed along the #feels for years now. If you’re a true blue Grey’s Anatomy fan you’ll understand why we miss the original cast. Like remember when Bailey was called ‘The Nazi’, when George was 007, when Cristina was badass (no doubt it still continues in Switzerland), and, of course, when MerDer was giving you #couplegoals for years. You’ve got to admit you still get chills when you hear How To Save A Life by The Fray or Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol *cue the tears*. And yes, the McDreamy and McSteamy of Seattle Grace!

The way Rhimes so elegantly killed off or deleted each member of the series has always been so heartbreaking and weirdly ironic. I mean, McDreamy, a neurosurgeon meets with an accident and is brain dead! (How cruel, Shonda!) Meredith, Alex, George, Izzy and Cristina or MAGIC according to Grey’s fans and Shepherd, will always be the baes of the show. And even though we do love our new cast (hello to another one of Mer’s rambling half-sisters), here are 8 reasons why we miss the all the original cast members of Grey’s Anatomy.



1. They were totally badass.

Which set of interns would be able to cut an LVAD wire and get away with it, or manipulate clinical trials and not get fired? The magical five followed their heart no matter what and totally kicked ass, even if it meant losing their jobs or putting their life in danger… hello bomb-in-stomach moment!



2. They gave us BFF goals.

“You are my person”, will always be an iconic line to declare to your BFF! Whether it was the twisted sisters giving us friendship goals, or George and Izzy simply telling us that your soulmate doesn’t have to be the love of your life, it can just be your best friend — GA always taught us an awesome lesson on friendships. Remember that elevator moment with George and Izzy?



3. They gave us couple goals.

MerDer gave us so many goals we cannot even begin to explain them all. From the moment McDreamy flashed his smile to Mer’s ‘pick me, choose me, love me’ line, our eyes and hearts welled up every time we saw them together. And how can we forget the time when Sloan and Lexie made us fall in love with love again? This show broke our hearts and made them whole again so many times.



4. They made medicine fun.

I think Greyers will admit that at some point the show inspired them to become surgeons too. Didn’t saying ‘give me 50 CCs of saline’ make you feel like a superstar doctor? Also, which hospital has such good-looking staff? I mean, they all seemed to find the love of their lives at work.



5. They came up with awesome nicknames.

McDreamy. McSteamy. 007. McVet. Twisted sisters… the show had such innovative nicknames for the central cast (with awesome backstories, no less), and only a true blue GA fan would know the significance of it. Whether it was 007 license to kill or The Nazi, we all loved the nicknames given to our fave characters.



6. Their humour was always on point.

We don’t even know where to begin with this one: the original cast was the perfect amalgamation of dramatic, hilarious, and emotional! The one-liners delivered by each were not only brilliant in comedic timing, but they weren’t your average slapstick comedy statements either. Plus, they were totally insightful!



7. They had each other’s back… always.

A team that always stuck together through thick and thin, MAGIC gave us absolute squad goals. From taking up for Izzy’s LVAD meltdown, to giving MerDer’s wedding to Izzy and Alex, they showed us how your colleagues can eventually become your life.



8. We lived through each character.

Each episode left us with a lesson to learn from the characters — accepting flaws and learning from mistakes was some of the biggest ones. Obviously, besides the erratic situations they were put in, we all could relate to Meredith’s heartbreak when Derek chose Addison, when Lexie told Mark that she still loved him, when Alex was still paying back his loans… each character left us with a piece of themselves every single time!

Now, that the second half of season 13 is coming out at the end of this week, we’re looking forward to seeing what Shonda Rhimes has in store for us. With only Meredith, Alex, Bailey, and Richard left from the original cast, we’re holding on to hope that the new characters will be remotely as awesome as the original cast.


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