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This Is Why You Need To Stop Apologising For Marrying Young!

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When my best friend sent me a text saying that she had something important to tell me, I thought she wanted to rant about another one of her boyfriends. But what she actually told me was not what I was expecting to hear. She told me she was getting married!

At 22, she had decided who she wanted to spend the rest of her life with, and TBH… I was more than happy.

Sure, initially I thought she had lost her mind, but slowly I realised that… hey, it was her life choice and there’s no reason why I should be offended by it. Her step was a huge one and society’s reaction appalling. While the older generation supported her decision, her millennial counterparts told her that it was the biggest mistake of her life.

That’s the problem. We have been so trapped in the world of dating, right swipes, one-night stands and casual sex, that meaningful relationships seem like a joke. So, when someone in their 20s says that they have found the one, we think that it is too hasty a decision or that the girl must be knocked up.

Marrying after 28 or in your early 30s is what seems like the norm. It is what today’s generation does. Anything else just feels wrong to us millenials. But that shouldn’t be the case. Here are the reasons why it’s okay to marry young, and why it might just be the most beautiful thing to ever have happen to you!



1. You grow together

Getting married young means that both, you and your partner, are at a stage when you can grow together, make mistakes, learn from them, and in turn, become each other’s biggest support and cheerleader. You go through everything together. And if that does not strengthen your bond, I don’t know what will!


2. You learn to adjust

You literally have zero expectations, and are willing to go with the flow. From a simple wedding to learning to budget, everything is about making it work together.


3. You’re in no rush to have kids

You have so much time to do everything you always wanted to with your partner! Travel, go on adventures, throw parties and just be crazy… You can do it all without worrying about who’ll look after the kids.


4. You won’t have too many exes to deal with.

Makes sense, no? No jealousy, no hassles.




5. You can enjoy your 30s even more!

Most people tend to waste away their 20s, rather than be responsible! The result: Their 30s just become a boring experience of trying to get your act together. Marrying young means you don’t have to deal with that.

Get married early, build a career, have a baby… do it all in your 20s. Or not. Just don’t let anyone tell you how to live your life.


While you’re at it, watch the Ted talk below to know what I mean:


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