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Ready To Declutter And Clean Your Home Before Diwali? Here Are Expert Tips From A Professional Space Organiser.

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Diwali is my favourite festival of the year; it feels like the onset of a series of celebrations. This is the time when winter feels closer than ever and I zealously begin to anticipate all the winter fashion trends I will be able to pull off. Okay, maybe Mumbai doesn’t really have a winter, but a girl can hope, no? When it’s hot, I practically go under hibernation because I don’t want heat to ruin a good vacation. Now is when I begin planning getaways, camping trips, outdoor activities and so much more. Of course, Diwali in itself makes me feel serene and hopeful. Look at all those lights and lamps that make the ambience so lit. Sweets, rangoli and so much to look forward to. Today people don’t burst crackers as much as they used to, and I am grateful for that. So maybe how we celebrate Diwali has changed but there’s one thing that we’ve been doing since forever and that has remained the same. Year after year, we clean our house before Diwali – thoroughly! This annual session of decluttering and decorating is a tradition that just cannot be missed. So how do we get better at it? How do we upgrade it and make our homes gleam? Did you know that there are professionals who can help you organise? We spoke to an expert, Rohini Rajagopalan, Founder, Organise with Ease who gave us decluttering tips that we’re going to hold on to for the rest of our lives.

Do one project at a time

I know how overwhelming it can be to have to fix your entire house. But guess what, you can really break it down into small tasks – which is the number one rule of being good at organising. “I would suggest first make a list of all the places that needs your attention. Once you have the list break them into smaller projects and tackle one small project at a time than attempting to do the whole thing in one go. Break them into small 15 min/10 min projects,” advised Rohini Rajagopalan.


De-cluttering begins with your wardrobe

Personally, I enjoy fixing my wardrobe, because in my entire home, that’s like the messiest space. Rohini advises vertical stacking for optimum use of space. “Stacking them vertically normally helps create space but no space will be enough until you declutter,” said Rohini. She further advised, “The only way is by decluttering and letting go of everything you don’t use or don’t enjoy wearing.” Time to let go of all those clothes you haven’t worn in ages.

Learn to let go

Speaking of letting go, cross your heart and tell us – do you hold on to things because of the sentimental value attached them? But unless you have an infinite amount of space, how do you let go? Rohini explains, “Firstly, it is okay to hold on to SOME pieces that have emotional value. Put them away in a memory box if you don’t use them often.” She further points out, “The rule to declutter is first take everything out and review each piece before you put back. If it’s the things that don’t have emotional value, you need to ask yourself if you gave this away could someone make better use of it?”


Include more plants

Plants not only add a visual delight but also are the cheapest air purifier you can invest in. But where and how do you begin? Rohini advises, “There is always space for more plants…always! Get them in depending on your space, the light you get, size of your room etc. I have plants in almost every corner of my home.”

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Give your home a budget-friendly upgrade

I mean, decluttering is not all. While we are investing so much energy in our homes, we might as well add some novelty to it. But how do you do it without burning a hole in your pocket? “A coat of paint helps, moving furniture and getting some plants also is an easy option. Getting some décor pieces – photos, picture, planters – is a budget-friendly way to easily upgrade a room,” Rohini said.

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