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Ranveer Singh Shared A Throwback Picture Of Him And Deepika Padukone And We Think It Might Be A Case Of Oversharing

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I am of the belief, and I may not be the only one with it, that there are certain things and aspects of a relationship that are better kept between the partners. Fights for one, and controversial pictures for another. Both of which may mean much to the partners, but are not of any use to others, and it should perhaps be kept that way. A concept that Bollywood’s most loved couple – Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh completely don’t believe in as Ranveer shared a throwback picture of the two on the sets of the movie – Goliyon ki Raasleela : Ramleela.

The Throwback

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No caption needed 😉 @deepikapadukone #RamLeela

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They say ‘seeing is believing’, and like every other thing, seems like the Padmaavat actor, Ranveer Singh took this saying a little too seriously. Proving to us and the world how efficiently the  law of attraction works, Ranveer Singh has the entire industry a little amused over his latest post on Insta where he can be caught on camera staring at now wife, Deepika Padukone’s waist and ass, clearly not discreetly enough.

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Posting it with the caption, “No caption needed. #RamLeela,” the actor has invited several comments from the industry as they share their amusement and wit over in the comment section. Deepika Padukone being one of the firsts to reply, wrote, “And 7 years on, nothing has changed! #eyesonme #eyesonyou.” And we wouldn’t lie, it did paint a pretty honest picture for the two and their 6-year-long affair before the wedding. Clearly we now know how it all started. However, the question that still lingers on to be, is whether it was really needed to be shared or not.

A picture that has by now made several rounds on the internet, is being hailed as another one of those adorable moments which is making people obsess over this power couple. And while it may be all that, it is also more.

The Throw-Off

You see, a picture as harmless as it may look (which this one doesn’t btw), is still worth a thousand words, most of which scream about its inappropriateness. Keeping the fact that the two are now married, ‘now’ being an operative word here, is still a visual representation of the kind of behaviour we’d rather not promote in the name of love. Gawking at a woman’s waist and ass, in no world – not even Bollywood, is okay or should be made to look like it is okay.

Yes of course, when it is a husband checking out her own wife like that, it comes off as rather loving and the kind of admiration we’d want from our beaus too. But back then, all that the two were, were co-stars and nothing more. Which makes it even more tasteless. Now don’t get us wrong, we’re the last ones to dismiss gestures of love, but this is clearly far from that. All it is really reflective of is the kind of cheap stares we’d otherwise be extremely against. But because it is Ranveer Singh doing it to Deepika Padukone, we’d refrain from thinking that. In fact, chances are that people might just start believing how it is okay to do it, too.

The Glare-ing Truth

And that is once again how such entitlement trickles down into the very impressionable and already degraded minds of today’s generation, because celebrities, in a sway of emotions, forget how their actions have consequences sometimes. Case in point – Kabir Singh, that too glorified and romanticised the very problems us women seek to fight on the daily. And it’s not like we don’t get how the two are known for their fun and games attitude towards each other, but maybe this was more a private DM kind of a thing.

Maybe this would be food for thought enough for the 83 couple and others in the industry, before they go ahead sharing pictures while marking them as romantic confessions but have a slight creepiness to it.  After all if all eyes are in fact on you, you’d want to be a little more careful next time, no?

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