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Ranveer Singh Carrying Deepika Padukone’s Trail At IIFA Is So Cute. Where Do You Find Such Men?

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When we were kids, we read fairytales, and believed in a very fictional definition of love. Then we hit puberty, fell in love for the first time and realised that it’s nothing like we’d imagined. We snap out of that perception of romance, and start watching the rom-coms, assuming that maybe this is how it works. Then, we kiss a few frogs, grow up to become confident women and realise we aren’t the damsels in distress. And the dating pool has no perfect guy either. Love stories may not have a happy ending. Friends with benefits may never become anything more. After a period of the core conflict, we may not necessarily find the epiphany that can make everything work. Or maybe that the ending is just inevitable, or the best thing about the relationship, which wasn’t really good, after all. Let me tell you, even though love is not how we’ve grown up believing it was, I am still very optimistic about it. So when I see Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone, just being themselves – two people very deeply in love – it just makes me say, I want that too! Life is too short for shallow romances after all!

Time and again, the couple has given us enough reason to leave everything we’re doing and go aww. Let’s admit, when Ranveer Singh pampers his wifey so much, it makes us want to kidnap him and keep him, forever. This time, it was at IIFA that the duo gave couple goals so strong, I almost wanted to trade my bae for Ranveer. Except that’s not quite possible. So here’s all that happened!

When Ranveer Singh held Deepika Padukone’s Dress Trail

Deepika Padukone turned up at IIFA in a Gaurav Gupta lavender gown, with a veil so long it could replace the green carpet entirely. It was so long, it could double up as a tent and people could camp under all that fabric. So obviously, she needed assistance, and guess who followed her, carrying her veil? Ranveer Singh! He looked so happy to be of help, it was so cute, I can’t even describe it words! This reminds of the time, when he carried her sandals, while she socialised at a wedding.

When they were so engrossed in talking to each other

A video surfaced on the internet, in which you can see the couple holding hands and speaking to each other, while the show is on. And while at it, Ranveer was looking at Deepika, like there’s literally no one else around. We all want someone to look at us like Ranveer looks at Deepika. There’s so much love in their body language; every time I see a video of them, my heart just throws itself into self-combustion mode. Uff, can’t deal with this!

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When Ranveer gave the best speech ever

So when Ranveer won the IIFA Best Leading Actor (Male) award for his performance in Padmaavat, Deepika got super emotional and was all teary-eyed. He also got a Special Wax Award, which means he will now have a wax statue, right next to wifey Deepika’s. Ranveer expressed, “My mother-in-law was like you’ve to work hard too, we want a statue of you also. Mama, we’re going to London. I’ll see you.” He further added, “My wife’s statue is the sexiest of all. Deepika is a perfectionist, she was very particular about all the time she dedicated to her statue. Her statue is the best one. Baby, you and Morgan Freeman have the best statue. I’ve to figure out my pose and dress.” On the other hand, the guys we date are so thrifty with compliments!

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