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Rangoli Chandel Took A Dig At Malaika Arora Implying She Is A Bad Mother. That’s A New Low, Even For Her

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I know a person can’t be right all the time, but with certain people, there should be an upper limit to being ridiculous about things. Case in point, Rangoli Chandel. The number of times this woman has spoken shit far exceeds the number of times she has inspired us with her words. You know, like one of those grumpy aunties, who yell at children when they are playing and keep an eye on which girl is returning home at what time. We used to applaud her for voicing her opinions and taking a stand for the right things on Twitter, but that’s all in the past. Today, Rangoli Chandel hounds celebs on the social media platform and this time Malaika Arora had to bear the brunt of her misplaced, and virulent shenanigans.

So here’s what happened. Malaika Arora shared a picture of her and son Arhaan. In the picture, she wore a plunging neck nightdress while Arhaan barely made it into the frame from behind. Malaika captioned it: “When the son is being all nice and taking care of his mommy”

Now all I can take from this picture is a mother-son duo spending some quality time together and being laidback. Is there something wrong with it? I don’t know what triggered Rangoli, but she shared this picture in Twitter and went on to shame Malaika’s maternal capabilities.  Rangoli wrote: “This is modern Indian mother, very good.” She also added several clap and thumbs up emojis to intensify her jibe at Malaika.

I mean, seriously? What does she expect? Once you become a mother, are you supposed to be saree-clad and a knitting-expert? Is it her choice of clothes? What is it? I don’t understand Rangoli’s below-the-belt jibe. You call yourself a feminist and then bring down another woman who is breaking stereotypes with her choices. If anything, she is raising a non-misogynistic son.

Thankfully, Twitterati called her out for throwing shade at Malaika. A user wrote, “Where Kangana supports Malaika & Arjun’s relation there you are sharing your orthodox thoughts on SM, Rangoli everything you do effects Kangana’s image. Please think about it.” Another user wrote, “Nothing is wrong in this picture…. one who finds it wrong is sick and needs medical help asap….” It seems like Rangoli is losing out on her followers.  Someone said what most of us feel, “Okay Rangoli I have always supported you and I am Kangana’s biggest fan but please this is unacceptable. Remember who you represent, you are disappointing us all.”

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Kangana, do you still want your biopic to be handled by Rangoli? Honestly, her actions are impacting Kangana’s image and not in the best possible way.

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