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Rangoli Chandel Said Kangana Ranaut’s Income Stated In The Forbes Top Indian Celebrities List Is False. Is She On To Something?

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I have a love-hate relationship with Rangoli Chandel which is of course one-sided and I am glad. She is blissfully ignorant about how I feel about her. Hypothetically speaking, if she knew of my existence and it mattered to her, I would feature on her Twitter more often and in ways that I can’t claim I would enjoy. That’s just who she is, I guess. Sometimes, she goes after unsuspecting celebrities with her textual sword without any rhyme or reason – at least not one that makes sense. And then there are these times that she takes a stand and makes a strong point. These are the times that I absolutely love her bluntness. This time, she took a dig at Forbes India and questioned the authenticity of their 100 Indian Celebrities List.

For the uninitiated, Forbes released its Indian Celebrities List which has Virat Kohli at the top of it and other celebrities such as Salman Khan, Deepika Padukone, Alia Bhatt, Shah Rukh Khan and Akshay Kumar in the top ten. Kangana Ranaut, on the other hand occupies the 70th spot. It’s based on a person’s income from all the things they do. Clearly, that didn’t go down well with Rangoli and she questioned the reliability of their sources.

She tweeted saying that Kangana earns much more than it is stated in the list and asked where they even got that number from. Slamming Forbes India, Rangoli wrote, “Yeh @forbes_india ek number ka fraud hai, I openly challenge them to prove even one celebrity income they have printed in their magazine, sab PR hai, Kangana pays more tax than her entire income mentioned in the poll…” She continued, “Show us who paid how much tax. You can’t just assume people’s income on what basis? Please reply (sic).”

This makes sense, doesn’t it? Why must we believe these lists blindly? I don’t know how much these celebs earn but I always find several other lists unbelievable! Rangoli Chandel further tweeted, “Even Kangana doenst know how much she made in this year, only her accounts department and I know, we tell her all the details, and all that info is super confidential…(sic)”. Continuing in another tweet, she wrote, “…as this financial year not even closed yet only advance tax is filed and already these lucca jurnos pretending jaise they have access to whole industry’s account (sic).”

Rangoli finally concluded by challenging Forbes India to reveal their so called reliable sources. She wrote, “Dear @forbes_india if you tell me your reliable sources I will openly say sorry, but you can’t write anything that too after smoking hash…(sic)”

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I think it’s a good sign when we as masses begin to question things and not take everything at face value, just because it’s coming from a reputed source. This is the attitude we need, especially when it comes to the laws of our country because unless we question, nothing will change and power will continue to be misused.

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