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Rangoli Chandel Requests PM Modi To Not Stop The People Who Want To Die. Her Insensitivity Is Unnecessary.

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Coronavirus has managed to single-handedly bring the whole world down to its knees. We are living through a health crisis that has not only infected  people, but also changed our political scenario, added another dent to the Hindu-Muslim problem and massively impacted our economy.

Businesses are in trouble and people are losing their jobs and their savings, this lockdown has caused a lot of chaos. The government is doing all that they can (or at least that’s what they are saying) to help the middle and lower-middle-class out financially, but it is the lowest strata of our society have been impacted the worst. Farmers, domestic help and wage workers have lost are the biggest casualty during these tough times.

Most of them, who have migrated from various places around the country to Mumbai to make a living have gotten stuck here due to this lockdown with no way out due to the travel restrictions in place. These people say that they have run out savings and food. Which is horrible, I know.

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However, merely hours after PM Modi announced an extension of the lockdown, around 1,000 of these wage workers from states like West Bengal and UP gathered outside Bandra station. They all completely ignored the lockdown because they all heard a rumour that the government had started a special train service so that they could get home to their families. This gathering of people earned a lot of backlash from netizens, and rightly so.

These workers essentially created an all-you-can-eat-buffet for coronavirus despite like a bazillion warnings. More than being annoyed and disappointed in these men, I was freaked out just thinking about what can happen if even one of them was positive. You can call me a liberal but, at a humanity level, their desperation to get to their families is understandable. We sit here in our comfortable homes with our families while their entire existence works on daily wages. It’s exhausting for them.

Though there are people who just need a chance to say something ridiculous and highly inappropriate. People like Rangoli Chandel, who have never understood the concept of what to say, when. The controversy queen took to Twitter to share a video of these migrant workers outside Bandra station and requested PM Modi to not stop the people who want to die, from dying.

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Her tweet read, “My request to Modi Ji people who want to die please don’t stop them…but please don’t let them carry the virus to other states.”

There is not one person in this country who wants coronavirus to further spread in all our states, but do you see anyone else making fucking absurd comments like these? Nope. Again, what those workers did was mind-numbingly messed up, but do they deserve to be left to die? Well, according to Rangoli they do. I found this tweet of hers insensitive and lacking empathy. You can be angry at this incident; we all are but there are ways to express your displeasure. Asking our PM to let them all die is not one of them.

This tweet garnered a lot of mixed responses from Netizens. Some called her out for her insensitivity while some agreed with her point. Check a few of them out.

This is the time to stand together completely united to fight one common enemy. Those migrant workers are stuck and probably unaware of the gravity of this situation, let’s help them so that we don’t have to face a situation like this again.

Also, Rangoli, just so you know these negative comments of yours aren’t helping anyone.

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