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Rangoli Chandel Lauds Kangana Ranaut For Taking Up The Role Of A Mother At The Peak Of Her Career. Wait, What’s Wrong With Taking A Role Like That?

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Every time that I see a post from famous actress Kangana Ranaut’s sister, Rangoli Chandel, making it to the headlines of a publication, I start developing a very strong sense of exasperation. Mainly because, more often than not, every word that has dropped from the woman’s mouth is usually something we all could have done without, and we would be blissful. But perhaps, it is out of habit that this one can’t seem to stay mum for a very long time. However, as scared as we were for the rest of the world (not knowing which one she’d be taking a  dig at this time), seems like Rangoli has surfaced back on her twitter account only to laud sister Kangana Ranaut as she released her first look poster from her upcoming movie, Panga. *phew*

The movie that is scheduled to release in January, next year will be seeing Manikarnika actress Kangana Ranaut playing the lead role as a kabbadi player and a mother. Taking to her social media account, the actress shared a post with the caption, “Jo sapne dekhte hain woh #Panga lete hain. Jaya ki kahaani hum sab se judi hai. Trailer out on 23rd December 2019 #Pangastories.” Following this was Rangoli Chandel, sharing a post of the poster, wrote, “Kangana says when she was new biggest insult to an actress was to be approached for Maa ka role, it deeply disturbed her, after playing a mother in successful Manikarnika she is all set to be a mother again..”.

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Further continuing in her next post she wrote, “(Contd)….today mainstream young top actress at the peak of her career proudly plays maa ke roles and India loves, this is new India.” And while we appreciate her taking pride in her sister’s choice of playing the role of a mother in her career peak, we don’t entirely get why playing a mother would be bad anyway? In fact, if anything, being able to play the role of a mother needs much more dedication, talent and character than any other role, especially in real life.

Yes, of course, the industry as superficial as it may be, is guilty of being both sexist and ageist in its casting for women, but even then, since when has playing the role of a mother been something to avoid if you’re at the peak of your career? If anything, there have been several actresses in the past and in the present who have taken on similar roles while being in the prime, much like Kangana Ranaut herself. Starting with Nargis Dutt playing an iconic role in the film Mother India, to Priyanka Chopra in Padmaavat and The Sky Is Pink, these women have proven time and again that there is absolutely no shame with playing the role of a mother in the films.

The stereotypes associated with actresses being offered to play a mom versus the age when an actor is offered to play the role of a father, are finally breaking down and we are glad that both the industry and the audience is beginning to accept it as it is, without any pre-conceived notions. Because last we checked, if a 50-year-old actor can headline a movie by playing the role of a 25-year-old, an actress can too be in her prime 30s and play the role of a mother.

The trailer for Kangana’s movie Panga is set to release on 23rd December while the movie will hit screens on 24th of January.

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