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Rangoli Chandel Defends Kangana Ranaut For Taking Estrogen Pills. Her Statements Actually Made Sense!

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You know, with the way this world is going, there are very few things that have the capacity to take us by surprise. Everything that should surprise us just seems so normal now- price hikes, rains in November, people falling into potholes the size of craters etc etc. You see where I am going with this, don’t you? But today something did take us by surprise- Rangoli Chandel made a statement that not only made sense but was relevant! You will believe it when you see it.

Rangoli is notoriously known for tweeting nonsensical, controversial things. To say she is opinionated is an understatement. She randomly tries to bring other actresses down (Alia, Taapsee, and very recently Malaika!) and trashes nepotism very vocally. Which is why this time when we came across her tweets, we were a little taken aback for she made a little more sense than she usually does.

Leaving her crassness aside, the Twitter Queen as she so fondly called (sarcasm alert!) defended her sister Kangana Ranaut against a troller who passed a terrible comment on Kangana’s Jayalalitha poster. We aren’t surprised that she started fighting Kangana’s battle for her, she is known to do that quite aggressively and vehemently. We are just surprised that this time her defense was well-timed and on point.

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Let me tell you the entire story. It all began when Kangana in a recent interview talked about her look in her upcoming biopic Thalaivi, where she plays former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister, J Jayalalitha. As you all know, the look received mixed reactions from the audience. She said, “That (weight gain) was needed so as to look voluptuous, especially around the belly and thighs. Since I am tall and skinny, and my face is angular, not round, I had to take mild doses of hormone pills to look different. Of course, I also started eating foods that promote weight gain.”

While taking hormone pills isn’t the usual way celebrities put on weight for a role, as long as they are prescribed by a doctor I don’t see what is wrong with this method. But apparently a lot of people think on the contrary. Kangana was unnecessarily slammed for this statement on Twitter. Especially by is one person who called her a madwoman and said she needs to be locked up for saying such things. This man clearly has no work but just because they are public figures and open to criticism doesn’t mean people can let loose their horrible side on the internet.

Anyway, as always, Kangana’s saviour/sister/manager Rangoli Chandel came to her rescue giving it back to these haters in a series of tweets. She started off by saying, “A mild doze of estrogen regular daily pill that most woman take for contraception can increase chances of fat accumulation around belly, arms thighs and hip areas, even if Kangana is mad as all good actors are but why mad people must be locked? We need to ask ourselves.”

In her next tweet, she goes on to educate the haters on how estrogen helps a woman look naturally curvy and voluptuous, therefore defending Kangana’s taking of those pills in the first place. She shared a google screenshot to do that. We are so amused right now!

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Her tweet read, “For anpad gawar (illiterate idiots) class little research on google will give thoda insight in to topic you want to comment on, chalo aaj thodi padai karo (study a little) so that you can write comments on Kangana’s prep.”

Like I said above, her crassness aside, I think she managed to hand the haters their asses. Rangoli always has had a flair for drama and this time (in a first) she did well defending her sister. But it doesn’t not end there.

Her next two tweets talk about all the crazy things great actors have done as prep for their roles. She compared Kangana to 3-time Academy Award winner and undoubtedly one of the greatest actors of our generation- Daniel Day Lewis. She said that a few actors are respected for their preparation methods while some are criticised. The comparison made her entire defense a little OTT but her main point makes sense. If actors don’t do what the role needs them to, they will never be able to grasp the character!

All in all, her defending points were good, but I feel like the words she chose or the way she executed it was not! But hey, that is Rangoli for you.

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