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Ranbir Kapoor Got Trolled For A Picture With Alia Bhatt. Frankly, It Reeks Of Jealousy

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As a woman who has had her share of relationships, I don’t understand how our society shames any person who has had more than one lover. And this comes from a place of double standards because most millennials I know have had several relationships in their life so far. And they are younger than me. People fall in love and a lot of times it doesn’t work out. So what do we do? Are we supposed to stay with them despite knowing they aren’t right for us? Just because of the fear that society will call you a player. Or if you are a woman, the word slut gets used often. Should we give up on love altogether and not date again? Rahul from Kuch Kuch Hota Hai wasn’t the brightest character so we shouldn’t really follow his philosophy that we fall in love just once in a lifetime. And ironically, he fell in love twice in the same movie. So…

The reason I am feeling so riled up about this is because recently when Ranbir Kapoor took Alia Bhatt to celebrate Christmas with his family, netizens seem to have felt really unhappy about it. The duo got clicked by the paparazzi while at it and people couldn’t help but point out that a couple of years ago it was Katrina Kaif with him, in the same pose, same place.

People sitting behind a screen and with several relationships in their own dating history took the liberty to troll him left, right and center. A user pointed out, “Some years ago he was clicked with Katrina here ….god knows who’ll be the next.” Another user had a problem with how he keeps bringing a different woman home for Christmas, “Ok honestly this is creepy.. to keep changing the lady you get home for christmas is not classy.. hope this time he honors the woman he gets home.. its not cool.” I mean sure, his fam has no issues (I assume) and the lady he has with him has no issues. What is your problem?

The Nostradamus of India (or he likes to believe) predicted the women he could date next, “Wait until next year he will be with either Sara, Kiara or Jahnvi.” Then another user decide to shame the couple on the basis of their age difference, “Are you carrying babies milk bottle & diapers Ranbir, you gonna be good daddy right.” Hahaha, so funny. Not.

Look we don’t know why people are so concerned with who Ranbir is taking home but honestly, it stinks of jealousy. A lot of machismo is being displayed because these people know that they would never be able to charm their way into a girl’s heart. Crippled by their own inflated sense of self and a social media trolling history that reads like a ‘I hate men who do better than me’ text book, the people commenting here need to get a life, and not the one they are offering online.

Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif were in a relationship for six years but we know nothing about why it didn’t work out. Who are we to judge who was at fault? I think it’s high time we stop criticising Ranbir for his dating history. If he wants to bring home a different woman every night, that’s still not for us to judge.  Why are we acting as if we’ve never been in relationships and we don’t know how sometimes things just don’t work out? However, for their own sake I hope these trolls understand that they need to stop being assholes.

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On the work front, Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt will be next seen in Ayan Mukherjee’s Brahmastra.

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