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12 Reasons Why You NEED To Follow Rahul Khanna On Instagram!

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An excellent theatre artist and a man who — more often than not — played the role of the “other guy” in Bollywood films like Love Aaj Kal and Wake Up Sid, Rahul Khanna is also our BIGGEST celebrity male crush! We never thought that there was such a thing as the perfect man until this dapper gent made an appearance on our screens in our teens.

And while he’s always been kinda sorta active on social media, it wasn’t until he started his Instagram account that we really got surgically attached to our phones — to stay updated on the latest posts from him, of course!

If you have no idea what we’re talking about, you need to pull up your socks and check out his Instagram account right now. Every picture that he posts makes us want to drool like a bunch of lovestruck girlies. Also, the fact that he actually replied to direct messages on Twitter all those years ago, makes us love him more! *sigh* See what he does to us?

But you, my friends, are in for a treat! Sit back and try to calm your frenzied hearts as you take a look at 12 of the most drool-worthy pictures of Rahul Khanna right here. If these pictures don’t make you pick up your phones and hit follow on Instagram at once, we don’t know what will.

P.S. He’s also on Snapchat now. Just sayin’.


This Saturday has a distinctly Sunday feel to it.

A photo posted by Rahul Khanna (@mrkhanna) on



Early alarm. Must fit in one last swim to end a glorious two days at the beach.

A photo posted by Rahul Khanna (@mrkhanna) on


Wishing you all a new year filled with beaches, sharp suits and plenty of champagne! Photo: @kenlams/ GQ India

A photo posted by Rahul Khanna (@mrkhanna) on




Pinstripes are my opium. Photo: @itspaulgregory

A photo posted by Rahul Khanna (@mrkhanna) on


Sundown, Sunday. Photo: @sheetalmall

A photo posted by Rahul Khanna (@mrkhanna) on





Bow untied.

A photo posted by Rahul Khanna (@mrkhanna) on


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