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7 Workouts You Can Do In 5 Minutes On Rushed Mornings

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First of all, by no means am I saying that 5 minutes are all you need to stay fit. I’d say 20-30 minutes, almost every day, is way better, unless you’re already used to doing more.

Either way, we’ve all got to start somewhere, but we can’t always fit in a workout. But if you want to eat guilt free, get your blood pumping, keep those muscles working, or just double the amount you workout in a day, then spend 5 minutes every morning trying some of these fitness routines. It’s just 5 minutes, so no excuses!


1. The Flat Belly Workout

Going for a heavy, cheat meal? Why not get in an extra 5 minutes right before to help you feel less guilty? These workouts are quick and concentrate right on that part we hate the most: the belly.


2. Snap Out Of It!

Push yourself to get over that lazy, lethargic feeling in just 5 minutes. Fit this into your morning routine, right before breakfast and you’ll feel great all day long, whether or not you end up hitting the gym.


3. Total Body Workout

Fit in an incredibly powerful workout within just 5 minutes. Really, that’s all it takes. ‘No time’ is just not an excuse anymore, is it? You’re working out practically every part of your body with this fitness routine.


4. Dance Workout!

If you’re like me, a little dancing always gets you going, so have fun and workout at the same time with this fitness routine. Who knew dancing worked so many core zones of your body?


5. The Butt & Thigh Workout

Work your glutes and that tough thigh area with this 5-minute workout. Got a little more time? Double up and repeat!


6. Cardio Workout

Go heavy on cardio with this quick workout that will leave you breathless in a matter of minutes. Get your heart racing and blood flowing, bright and early in the morning!


7. Arm Workout

Got jello arms? Here’s the solution! It’s all about getting those arms back in shape, tight, and ready to conquer the world. And it starts with just 5 minutes of your day.


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