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Qatar Airways CEO Says His Job Is Too Challenging For A Woman

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The Qatar Airways CEO is a busy, busy man. Of course he is. He shoulders the responsibility of running the airline in a very, very competitive industry. We would all have to agree the man has to be really talented. I mean, being CEO comes with a bunch of challenges. One which he believes a woman cannot do.

Akbar Al Baker said this at a press conference in Sydney, Australia. The CEO was being questioned about the abysmal representation of women in the aviation industry in the Middle East. Al Baker replied that Qatar Airways “has to be led by a man, because it is a very challenging position,” Bloomberg reports. Apparently, a huge part of the press and audience didn’t agree because the statement was met with loud groans of disapproval.

After the press conference, the man decided he would have to extract his foot from his mouth, and told Haidi Lun from Bloomberg that he was “only referring to one individual” and “not referring to the staff in general.” He further clarified that there was no gender inequality at Qatar Airways. Apparently, 33% of the airlines staff is female. Erm, that’s still 66% male.

Let’s just say we are less than impressed.


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