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12 Things That Punjabi Girls Are Tired Of Hearing

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The first thing I am asked when people meet me is whether I’m Punjabi. The long hair is a total give away. But, the second question always baffles me coz 90% of the time it is — ‘So, you must love butter chicken, right?’. Well, I don’t. And neither do I drink or party all night. That doesn’t make me a fake Punjabi. It just makes me one that is not stereotypical.

It may surprise you, but a lot of Punjabis don’t do most of the stuff that everyone thinks we do.

There are stereotypes behind every community, and it’s time we stop associating them with those. We are more than these stereotypes, after all.

But, yes we love ‘bhangra’, and will always do!

PS: Watch the video to know what questions annoy us Punjabi girls, and if you are one, we have just the perfect responses!


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