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Pune Woman Makes Business Cards To Help Her Househelp Find Work. We Love How Wholesome It Is!

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In the one year that I have lived apart from my family, if there was anyone that I have missed more than my own parents, it is our house help, Shanti aunty. You see, for a person like me, who never got beyond cooking instant noodles in the kitchen, she was inevitable for my survival, and mental peace. And somewhere between taking care of us and the house, she too became family. As is what we think happened with Geeta Kale, house help to Dhanashree Shinde in Pune, who recently made the sweetest gesture towards Geeta.

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Working as a digital marketing executive in Pune, Dhanashree Shinde shared a nice and warm equation with her house help, Geeta Kale. Upon hearing of her work troubles, Dhanashree gave her one of the most innovative solutions of all times and we weren’t the only ones left impressed. After losing work from one of the homes Geeta used to work in, and confiding in Dhanashree about the situation, Dhanashree came up with the brilliant idea of making personalised business cards for Geeta to help her find work. And much to everyone’s surprise, especially twitter, the idea clicked.

#Day66 Dhanashree Shinde & Geeta MaushiDhanashree got back home from a long day at work and saw her house maid; Geeta…

Posted by Asmita Javdekar on Wednesday, 6 November 2019

The business card with Geeta’s details on it, including her contact information, her areas of expertise and the expected remuneration, has turned out to be a hit among netizens, with Twitter quite impressed. With many people lauding Dhanashree’s efforts and quick feet thinking, to others taking up the card and showing interest in employing Geeta for work, this has been the most wholesome news we’ve come across today!

Sharing how her phone has been ringing off the hook, Geeta is thrilled. Now instead of her looking for work, work is looking for her. Dhanashree is happy to have been able to become Geeta’s saviour, for a change. Sharing how she dawned upon the idea, Dhanashree said, “I called her from the kitchen and asked her to sit beside me to note down the rates of her household chores. In the next two minutes, the card design was ready. To it, I added a small line saying ‘Aadhaar Card verified’ to let people gain confidence in her. I placed an order for 100 cards and we received a bunch of cards after two days. I gave her the cards and asked her to distribute it to a few watchmen of nearby societies.”

She further continued saying, “I genuinely wanted her to get new work through the cards and instead it ended up going viral. Of course, she did receive calls from Bavdhan and has fixed a few appointments in the coming days to start her new work.” And even though we don’t know Maushi personally, we are so excited that this is a thing. Who would’ve thought one simple idea could turn itself into a viral news and make our Friday? Guess, all kindness is not yet lost on the world and we are glad!

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