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Priyanka Chopra’s Bumble Will Not Allow Pictures Of Women In Bras But Claims To Empower Women. Erm, Double Standards Much?

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Considering how personal as an item a bra is to a woman, it sure is surprisingly a public concern and public enough to warrant lots of comment son it. Whether it is when a girl’s strap is showing, or when she decides to put up a picture of it and is slut shamed for it, people just don’t seem to be able to leave us and our bras alone. And joining the club in these bra-shaming antics is the dating app Bumble, that recently took down photos of a woman wearing a bralette in her photo.

Cali Rockowitz, a 31-year-old woman who was using the app Bumble ended up raising quite an issue with the app, after it banned indoor bikini photos of the woman, under the pretext of violating the community guidelines. This happened after Cali uploaded a picture of herself in sweatpants and a black bralette in front of a canvas, and saw Bumble take it down almost immediately.

She said, “I thought it was a mistake, so I tried it a bunch more times. I emailed them and I asked what was going on.” She also went on to elucidate, “They sent me a generic email saying I couldn’t post photos in my underwear. I couldn’t believe it that after looking at this image they thought this was offensive to users.”

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However, still not willing to fight the fight, no matter how unbelievable it was to her, it wasn’t until later, on December 21 when Cali tried uploading another picture – this time covering her bralette with her hair and making it less revealing, when she had had it. Why? because even this picture was flagged by the app and when asked why, they emailed her back with an extensive list of guidelines stating, “On Bumble, you are totally allowed to have a bikini or shirtless photo, but we ask that these photos are taken outside. If you’re indoors, it looks too much like underwear.”

“I just thought that was asinine,” said Cali. And we don’t blame her. Such selective open mindedness, coming from a dating app no less, was less than flattering to a user like Cali and several hundred like ours, who don’t log on to be moral/fashion policed by the likes of an app.

Rockowitz, not letting it slide by, posted the screenshots of the conversation on Instagram, where she was once again reached out to by a different Bumble representative. The discussion was less than fruitful, for they stuck to their terms that apparently made it okay to wear a bra outside but not inside. She even said, “I couldn’t fathom why [the photos] wouldn’t be allowed on a dating profile. Their stance is to empower women. [The app] is made for dating and intimacy. It just makes me never want to use the app again.”

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