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Ishan Khatter Accidentally Reveals That Priyanka And Shahid Were In A Relationship. Whoops!

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Break-ups are a tough scene, universally. And not just for the couple who are now trying to move on and adjust to going from lovers to strangers, but also for their extended family and friends. And while it’s definitely difficult for the couple, when the family is involved, it can get awkward all around.

Ishaan Khatter, brother of Shahid Kapoor, who made his debut with the film Dhadak, recently found himself in a similar fix when he was asked about his brother’s exes. Neha Dhupia on her famous chat show Vogue BFF put Ishaan in a spot as she asked him which one of his Shahid’s exes he was close to.

At this point, if such a question were to be directed at me, I would be stuffing my mouth with my feet for I don’t have a diplomatic bone in my body. But Ishaan, kind of taken aback but mostly unfazed replied with, “Oh gosh! Like the most, I cannot say, but I had the friendliest equation with Priyanka Chopra.” This out of a list which had actresses like Amrita Rao, Kareena Kapoor and Sonakshi Sinha. Just saying.

Now, this was quite a revelation. No, not for Shahid but for us because neither PeeCee nor Shahid, had ever come on record to confirm their romantic relationship, which started when they were working on the movie Kaminey.  But we don’t have to stab in the dark anymore because younger brother gave us what we kind of knew all along.

Even though the two are now leading their own happy and married lives, Shahid with Mira Rajput and Priyanka with Nick Jonas, Bollywood never really forgets. With this revelation, Ishaan may have spilled the beans on a relationship that both Shahid and Priyanka were trying to brush under the carpet.

Let’s hope it doesn’t get Ishaan in trouble with his elder brother for this faux pas, but as of now, the cat is definitely out the bag!


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