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Priyanka Chopra Reveals She Has More Than 3 Million Unread Emails In Her Inbox. It Would Drive Us Nuts

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One of the first things that I usually do when I wake up, eyes still half shut and mind completely shut, is move my hands mindlessly on my side table to first snooze the alarm, and then head for my phone, which is responsible for waking me up more effectively than my bed tea. And unlike most people who like opening their eyes to a feed full of posts from friends, some of them who are already up and getting a start to their day (and the ones you need to unfollow asap), my go-to app is my email. And as sad as it may sound, for a workaholic like me, nothing wakes me up like an email from my editor about all the things I need to get done – with that little annoying notification on my phone screen. But hey, that’s just me and mind you, that is me being very different from the likes of Priyanka Chopra Jonas, who works dramatically differently from me.

To offer you some more clarity, but first- context, in a recent interaction with Harper’s Bazaar, The Sky Is Pink actress opened up about how she has more than 3 million emails pending to be read. And somewhere deep inside us, the Monica listening to this, has just died. To think that on one hand there are people like us who can’t stand having pending notifications, even if they are from food apps, while on the other we have people like her who couldn’t be bothered by that ever-dancing notification on her screen, is almost too hard to believe.

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She said,”I’ll show people my home screen. You can’t even see all the numbers on the little mail icon—there are too many.” She went on to reveal, “I like to get work done on my phone, but I hate e-mails. Why do people respond with “Ok” or “Take care,” and not tell you anything useful? I can’t handle it. I have almost three million unread e-mails on my phone.” And the more we think about it, the more we realise how there are in fact two kinds of people in life, one who have too many emails and the ones who hate the notifications. And considering the line of work PeeCee is in, we understand why she’d fall in the latter category.

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With constant travel, events to attend, contracts to sign and well, music videos to star in now (especially those with her husband Nick Jonas, who is set to be dropping a new song soon, featuring Priyanka) the actress is bound to have her hands full and with little time to respond to emails.

Talking about her will to work out and not being able to do it, the global star casually claimed how, “I should work out. I have every intention to. But every day it’s like, ‘I’ll do it tomorrow, I’ll do it tomorrow.’ And then tomorrow never comes. It’s the Samuel Beckett version of working out.” And right there, we were back to relating with her. The constant to and fro of convincing yourself to the point of ‘almost’ going to the gym is exhausting- a struggle too real and too underrated!

The actress is set to be seen in her husband Nick Jonas’s upcoming music video, “What A Man Gotta Do” soon and we can’t wait to see if Nick was really able to crack that million dollar question after all!

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