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Nick Jonas Trying To Find Middle Ground While Greeting His Mother-In-Law Is So Relatable!

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Considering I am only 23 years old and haven’t dated more than 2 guys in my life, only one of whom made it to the dinner table with my parents, it is safe to say that I wouldn’t know much about how one is supposed to act in front of someone else’s family. But if there is one thing I do know for sure, from experience and not a good one at that, is that saying ‘Yo, what’s up Aunty’ and going for an awkward hi-fi with a girl’s mother doesn’t really go down well for anyone. Especially since that was the last time we saw the guy. And while the nervousness before meeting your beau’s parents can get the best of anyone, Nick Jonas seems to have found the perfect middle ground for it!

Priyanka Chopra Jonas, who is currently back in her city for the promotion of her upcoming movie – The Sky Is Pink, has been making rounds everywhere from universities to press conferences and of course, the much-hyped comedy show – The Kapil Sharma Show. Making her appearance on the show in a beautiful white and red polka dot saree by Sabyasachi, the actress could be seen in her most fun and candid avatar.

Talking about her movie, and joking about the rest, the two eventually came down to talking about Priyanka Chopra’s grand wedding with pop singer sensation Nick Jonas and how she’s never been happier. In one such conversation, Kapil Sharma, being the slapstick comedian he is, asked The Sky Is Pink actress how her husband Nick would greet her mom, Madhu Chopra. Asking her whether he bows down to touch the feet of his mother in law or would greet her like he does his fans, with flying kisses.

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Taking on the question head on, the actress replied saying, “Dono ke beech mein! Bechara hug karta hai mummy ko! (the solution lies somewhere in between! The poor guy hugs mummy!)” And it was as cute as it was relatable! Guys often do get cold feet when meeting their partner’s parents, but kudos to the guy for finding a middle ground without telling off mum-in-law or getting on her bad side! Madhu Chopra who was also sitting in the crowd nodded in agreement to the statement.

In further conversation, Priyanka Chopra also revealed how Nick has always been very sweet and inclusive in all of the traditions when it comes to having an Indian wife. She even said how during the time of their grand wedding Nick was spotted picking up cylinders during the wedding preparations! How cute is this guy?! And where can we find one for ourselves?

Meanwhile, Priyanka Chopra is gearing up for her upcoming release The Sky Is Pink, which is set to release on October 11.

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