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Priyanka Chopra Lost A Role Because Of Her Skin Colour

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Sometimes, brown is good for you. Like when it’s your bread. Or when you’ve to tan on a beach and look golden bronze, that’s achievable, coz you are brown. But, apparently, being brown isn’t cool when you are an actor in Hollywood. You’d think that this was a problem that only plagues struggling actors, and once everyone knows who you are, you don’t have to worry about it.

Surprise, surprise! Priyanka Chopra who’s headlining a very successful show, Quantico, recently told Instyle magazine that she didn’t bag a role because of her ‘physicality’. Priyanka, who was as stumped as the rest of us, thought this was about her weight or maybe her abs. Turns out, it was because she was ‘brown’! Ouch, the racism!

In the same interview, Priyanka talked about the pay disparity because of her complexion. It’s not something that everyone talks about, she says, but certainly something that is plainly out there for all to see.

We love how Priyanka Chopra will not take anything lying down, and we’re so glad she’s speaking up!


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