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Priyanka Chopra Is The Most Searched Indian Celebrity. So Salman, We’re Guessing It’s Okay That She Didn’t Do Bharat

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Every time I hear about anyone from our country making news on a global level, I feel like a certain sense of pride. And of late, if there is one woman who has been constantly and consistently turning up and making a name for herself, it has to be our desi girl, Priyanka Chopra Jonas. It’s official now. PeeCee is now the most searched Indian celebrity in the world, followed by Salman Khan in second place.

She’s been a global star for a while now – landing herself a leading role in Quantico. The The Sky Is Pink actress then went on to tie the knot with singer and husband, Nick Jonas and now it’s like the paps are following her around the clock. In fact, according to a report in Business Insider, Priyanka’s name was searched a total of 2.74 million times between the period October 2018 and October 2019, which makes the monthly search volume of her name 4.2 million. Which we get, every one wants to know who she is and what she wore. What we don’t get is that it was followed by the Bharat actor, Salman Khan whose name was searched 1.83 million times across the globe. And we have no idea how that is.

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Considering most of his films lack content and depth and that he seldom says anything that ever makes sense, we are confused. . But here’s the irony. And we love it. Earlier, Salman played the jilted guy to the hilt and claimed that Priyanka Chopra made a huge mistake by turning down the biggest film of her career, when she chose to get married instead shooting for Bharat. Seems like to us, she is doing just fine without it buddy, even better actually.

Because as far as PeeCee is concerned, we know just the reasons why she has been trending. Kick-starting her global fame with her hit singles Exotic and In my city, and then moving on to becoming a lead in a TV series Quantico, Priyanka Chopra hasn’t looked back ever since and somehow managed to handle Bollywood and Hollywood perfectly well.

Delivering hit after hit and of course, becoming the talk of the town after marrying Nick Jonas and having a grand wedding that went on for over 3 days and hosting a million receptions, she’s landed herself in the list of global A-listers and we couldn’t be more proud. What is better, is the fact that even in the race of Indian celebrities, it’s a woman this time around who has taken the lead. Currently shooting for her upcoming film that would be aired on Netflix, The White Tiger, we can’t wait to see what next she brings for us on the table.

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