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Priyanka Chopra’s Dig At Salman Khan’s Incessant Tirade For Bharat Is Subtle But Kickass And We Love It!

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If there is one thing that I’ve learnt about the Bollywood industry, okay two things, it is that first, they really are all that dramatic and second, they don’t keep anyone’s udhaar. Not for too long, anyway. And before you space out for lack of context, let me quickly tell you how this is about Priyanka Chopra’s payback time to Salman Khan, for all his recent rubbishing. Salman has been relentlessly sending barbs PeeCee’s way for rejecting Bharat, choosing instead to get married. This has obviously bruised his ego and he has been on an endless tirade, having some really mean things to say about her, to anyone who will listen.

The fact that Katrina Kaif was cast soon after, and the movie anyway picked up despite the lack of, well, any substance whatsoever, still did not deter the guy from letting the matter go. But even after all of his consistent pettiness, we saw no reaction from Priyanka, that was up until recently when the actress was finally caught hold of at a recent event.

She was asked about her upcoming film, The Sky is Pink and that is when PeeCee said, “Amid various options at that point, everyone questions me about why this movie? Why not this tent-pole, potboiler with song and dance.” and while you may want to venture a guess, it was pretty obvious what movie she was hinting at.

It didn’t take a genius to figure out what tent and pole movie she was referring to, and when asked which one, her laugh made all things crystal clear. Even though Katrina Kaif may have suggested in the past to take Salman’s words with a pinch  of salt, we don’t think Priyanka was up for any of that. And one thing is for sure, there is no intimidation for this woman right here, for she knew of her priorities then and now, and we don’t want to be the bearer of bad but obvious news but Sallu Bhai, you are not on the list.

This seemed like the most befitting reply to Ali Abbas and to Salman Khan, both of whom doled out many statements for Priyanka saying how she dumped the biggest film of her career in the ‘nick’ of time to get married. Maybe this could be the guys’ closure and he’d finally learn to accept the rejection at the hands of this global superstar. As for us, who doesn’t enjoy some sarcasm?


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