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Priyanka Chopra, Deepika Padukone Are Exactly Like Us In These Ways

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The thing is, we tend to look at celebrities like they aren’t real human beings. I mean, yes, there is a huge difference in the lifestyle, so we just assume that they don’t do the things we do. It’s not like we have a manager handling our appointments, and honestly, do we even have those many appointments? While they strut around with their Gucci bags, I am simply happy to buy one off when the local store goes on sale. I often read all these motivational, law of attraction posts that say you can be a millionaire. I don’t know who they are talking to, because that ‘you’, isn’t me. I don’t even have that kinda ambition. I will just be happy to be able to afford a Michael Kors bag a year, some day. So the class divide makes us believe that unlike us, these crazy, rich Indians are nothing like us. But that’s not true! Priyanka Chopra recently spoke about how she still indulges in these regular-waale thrills.

In an interview, when Priyanka was asked about one “middle-class” habit that she still has, she gave a revealing response, “Aachar with all my food. I have aachar with sandwiches also. So, if you have a cheese sandwhich and you have aam ka aachar, it’s epic, like homemade aam ka aachar, you can’t have like the mixed pickle.” This is so on point! If someone asked me to guess her favourite dip, I’d say caviar dip or like a very expensive salsa. But hey, you can’t take the love of aachar away from an Indian who grew up in a middle-class fam. Just cannot!

In fact, she also revealed that she loves the thrill of getting a good bargain during sales. “Saving money is fun. It’s fun for everyone,” said PeeCee. Mom, are you listening? Everybody hoards during a good sale online. Meanwhile, my mom continues to get shocked with the number of products getting delivered at home this month. In my defence, I am really just saving monies.

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Deepika Padukone, who is known to be very humble, also revealed a hilarious thing about her bachelorette. “When I was on my bachelorette, I did laundry twice a day, so I suppose I am weird,” she said. I mean, I would have to agree but if we all know friends who would do something like this. But fact is, these actors today are so down to earth is just really amazing.

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In fact, when Kareena Kapoor had taken Taimur on a stroller, people went gaga over it because she was doing it herself. Even Sara Ali Khan carrying her on luggage was supposed to be a big deal. But really, it’s not. It’s all in our head that celebrities are above doing their own job.

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