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This Pretty Little Liars Spinoff Is Here To Bring Our Nightmares Back

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There are a few shows that become a part of your everyday life. Pretty Little Liars was one of them. No matter how prolonged the plot was, we kept watching ’cause it was really difficult to stop. And the finale made us cry… not because it was below our expectations, but no more lies in our life. For a change, that was a bad thing.

But PLL fans, it’s time to rejoice! Freeform has announced a new ten-episode television series that sort of continues the story… with new lies, mysteries, and of course, a murder. Pretty Little Liars Spinoff: The Perfectionists will have two of fan favourites from PLL back in lead roles — Sasha Pieterse (Alison) and Janel Parrish (Mona), and they will play their own characters. Yay!

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Joining them are  Sofia Carson (Disney’s Descendants) as Ava.  The drama also features Sydney Park (The Walking Dead) as Caitlin, newcomer Eli Brown as Dylan, Graeme Thomas King (The Widow) as Jeremy, Kelly Rutherford (Gossip Girl) as Claire, and Hayley Erin (General Hospital) in an undisclosed role. This power-packed star cast is making it difficult for us to wait a whole year for the show to begin!

Going by the trailer, it looks like we will be solving crime along with the characters, and we’re also hoping for some juicy plot twists too. The story revolves around the students at Beacon High, where Alison is a faculty member. They’re overachievers trying to outdo each other, while dealing with personal relationships, spinning lies, and witnessing a murder that will change their mundane, daily teenage lives.

So while we deal with overnight assignments, f*ck bois, and ensuring we bring back Tupperware dabbas for our moms… these people will live in an alternate universe where they will be involved in yet another crime. Fun times, ahead!

Watch the trailer above, and tell us your favourite PLL moments in the comments below!


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