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Prabal Gurung And Karan Johar’s Picture Turned Us Into Gossipy Aunties. We Need To Calm Down!

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We live in a very talented society, one that allows people to shape shift into anyone, from a preacher, to a judge to even a neighbourhood aunty on occasion, whose only job is to drop air drop absolutely unnecessary haye taubas on people, their preference and their business. Basically, people are happy to sharpen their noses and poke it into anyone’s business. Because clearly all that free time needs to be put to some use.

This little observation came after the netizens turned into nosy Auntyjis when Prabal Gurung posted a photo with his friend, Karan Johar, with a cheeky caption that said, “Pyaar kiya toh darna kya”. Which is true. If you are in love, what’s the harm in showing it off. Except, this snowballed into something much more. The designer was forced to take down the post soon after it lead to people assuming that the two were in a romantic relationship with each other.

The talented New-York based designer, was troubled with the sudden stir of the rumour mill, so much so that he had to put out an official statement denying any talks about being romantically involved with the director. He said in the statement, “Can we have some humour and levity please. I feel very saddened and disappointed to need to say this, but to officially set the record straight: I am not in a romantic relationship with Karan Johar.”

The picture, that now has been taken down, was a simple click of two friends posing. And even if they were to be involved, in any ‘more than just friends’ kinda way, it is a personal choice and should not have to be scrutinised to a point where it forces both or either of them to clarify the equation they share. Let’s leave people alone, shall we?

No matter who you’re posing with, a girl or a guy, chances are that you will be judged for it, and if you’re remotely known in the industry, link up rumours are only natural.

Gurung also said, “as a global society, we need to expand the horizon and definition of love. I feel that each and every one of us need to love whoever we want, however we want to love them — unabashedly, openly and proudly.”


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