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Posters In Hyderabad Say That If You Talk To Or Have Sex With Transgender People, You Will Get Coronavirus. This Pandemic Is Bringing Out Our Ugly Side

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I am an optimist, but I am also a realist. No matter how much I want to spread love and positivity, I also know that every single thing has a dark side to it. Literally, at the moment, our world is plagued with coronavirus but figuratively speaking, we are also plagued with racism, sexism, homophobia and a whole lot of other things.

I have never understood how someone can hate another person so much just because they were born a certain nationality, colour or gender. People are discriminated against all around the world and unless every single person understands why it’s wrong, it won’t stop.

Now, we all know that the coronavirus outbreak originated in Wuhan, China and then gradually spread all around the world. If that wasn’t bad enough, it brought with it a whole new wave of racism, sexism, islamophobia and homophobia. People from northeast India are being targeted because of their features. The coronavirus is being called the Chinese virus (I don’t care if Trump has said this, it is racist). We can’t afford to tear each other down right now, we have to a pandemic, for crying out loud.

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But, this uglier side of corona doesn’t end at racism. Apparently, people in Hyderabad are putting up transphobic posters that spew hate against hijras. This just makes me so sad since Hijra’s have always been treated like outcasts, made to live on the fringes of society with barely any rights. They go through so much just to survive and now subjecting them to BS like this is just downright vicious.

At Ameerpet Metro Station in Hyderabad, there are posters put up that read “Warning: Do not allow Kojja, Hijras near the shops. If you talk to them or have sex with them, you will be infected with Coronavirus. Beat & drive them away or call 100 immediately. Save people from Corona Virus Hijras”.

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Images of these posters quickly went viral and multiple netizens asked authorities to take immediate action against the miscreants who put these up. Transgender activist, Chandramukhi has filed an FIR at the Banjara Hills police station. Ever since the 21-day lockdown was announced, the community that largely depends on alms to keep them going, face the lack of income and are more at a risk of contracting an illness or starvation. And now this poster will make their lives even harder. This kind of transphobia can’t be tolerated, some action needs to be taken.

In times like these, we need to act as one community. We need to do whatever we can to protect ourselves and others from a global issue. And I think I need to break this to you’ll that issue is bigger than any of this racist, transphobic crap. We need to focus on controlling and curbing the coronavirus with has infected 1764 people in our country.

This kind of behaviour really makes me sick to my stomach.

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