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More Than Any Team, Poonam Pandey Threatening To Strip After Every Win Is Scaring Us Indians

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We are a cricket crazy nation. It comes as no surprise then that stadiums in the UK are filled with people in blue. But even before this tournament kicked off, we had an inkling of what all to expect. From the madness to the memes, cheering ads to cheering people, nail biting matches to the country going blue to support the boys. Everything was being well accounted for, except for one horror that is Poonam Pandey. While we love ourselves a great win, it often comes with the attached clause that is Poonam Pandey wanting/promising to strip that is starting to scare us now.

The model-turned-actress who rose to fame after she promised to strip for the Indian cricket team if they won the 2011 Cricket World Cup, has been since then pretty consistent in trading her nudes for a country win. While we cheered on from behind the screen with a flag painted on our face and a jersey on our back, Poonam thought it completely appropriate to ditch all the clothing and give us a view of her in full nakedness. Something we had not asked for neither were fully on board with but were saddled with. It was not the kind of motivation anyone was looking for, but nobody complained.

And while the bullet was dodged in 2011 after the BCCI denied her permission to strip, it doesn’t feel like we’re going to get our hands off of this problem. With the recent ads that were being rolled out on both sides of the border for the India Pakistan match, one in particular mocking war hero Abhinandan did not sit right with a lot of Indians including Poonam.

And well, she chose to reply to it in a way of offering a D-cup instead of the teacup they’ve used as a prop in the commercial. The relevance of which we are still trying to figure out. So naturally, when the match was nearing us all, our biggest threat was not Pakistan (fattened on a steady diet of pizza and burger!), but what next is to come from Poonam Pandey. And what came was an unsolicited boob pic, where she can be seen cheering for Pakistan in a burqa and for India, in well an eye mask….just an eye mask. The caption says ‘spot the difference’ and honestly we don’t want to. Her posters are more threatening at this point than they are entertaining and we are worried.

What for some including Poonam was a patriotic motivational stunt, for others it was quite amusing and for us? Absolutely scarring. Our only hope is that BCCI would once again come to our rescue, before we get bowled over with another unsolicited picture. How’s that for a response?


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