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Poonam Pandey Files An FIR Against Her Husband For Abuse. The Internet Unleashes Misogynistic Comments

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Here’s the thing, after writing about multiple rape and assault cases, I have realized that a woman can never be a hundred per cent safe anywhere or with anyone. It’s just not a luxury that we can afford. There have been cases of women and girls being molested and raped in hospitals, courtrooms even their own houses. The lastest case though surrounds a celebrity. Well, semi-celebrity. Poonam Pandey has filed a complaint against her husband for molesting, assaulting and threatening her. 

I know that with everything going on in Bollywood at the moment, people aren’t particularly interested in what is happening with Poonam Pandey. But this needs to be talked about. I wish that news about a woman getting molested by her husband would be as sensational as Deepika Padukone’s Whatsapp chat. But because that is not the case, I am just going to do my part in trying to propel a conversation that matters. What happened with Poonam is scary and it makes you wonder where a woman can be safe if it’s not even with her husband. 

Poonam and her husband, Sam Bombay got married as recently as 1st September in a hush-hush ceremony. They had a live-in relationship for nearly two years. She is alleging that he molested her and then threatened her with dire consequences. The incident took place in Canacona village in south Goa where Poonam is currently shooting for a film. 

Inspector Tukaram Chavan of Canacona police station told PTI, “Pandey filed a complaint late Monday night claiming her husband Sam Bombay had molested her and threatened her with dire consequences after assaulting her. He was arrested.” The official also confirmed that Poonam was subjected to all the mandatory medical examinations. 

This FIR, however, has opened Poonam up to be a target of sexist and misogynistic comments on social media. People are attacking her and passing horrid comments. The theory is that Poonam married Sam, who is a producer, so she could extort money out of him. That’s just sick. 

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Check out some of the tweets:

I understand that social media trials are the trend nowadays. Unfortunately. But this is pushing the limit. Just because Poonam is known for her racy photoshoots and multiple controversies do not mean social media suddenly has the right to decide that she is lying about something as serious as sexual assault. People have to stop passing their two cents on everything. Especially when they have no proof to substantiate their claims. The worst part? Netizens have made memes about this. They are poking fun at the fact that only 13 days after her marriage she filed an FIR for sexual misconduct. I’m sorry, would’ve it been okay if they were married for 13 years instead? What is this insensitive rubbish? 

Whether she is lying or not, it’s our job to support her. It’s not up to us to decide. Social media should not get to play judge, jury and executioner in cases that are this sensitive. People are assuming that she is lying based on the fact that the couple got married earlier this month and that Poonam Pandey is used to doing “bold photoshoots”. So it’s acceptable to be sexist and blame the woman of honey-trapping with no evidence at all? 

According to reports, Sam Bombay has been granted bail on a surety of ₹ 20,000. But he has been asked to report to Canacona police station for four days starting today to not tamper with the witness. 

We don’t know what the whole truth is. This is all we know. It’s not our job to assume the woman is lying. Even though that is the choice that comes easiest to most people. 

Poonam Pandey might not be a semi-star and one that you’ll not be interested in at the moment. Nevertheless, everything about this case is scary. We hope the truth comes out soon enough.

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