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Poonam Pandey Casually Drives Around Marine Drive Because Apparently Lockdown Is Only For Other People

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Now this is infuriating. We’ve spoken over and over again about how the lockdown restrictions imposed all over the country need to be followed if we want to contain the virus and reduce the number of cases. Yes, it’s difficult staying at home all day doing nothing. Yes, we’ve all reached that point where even Netflix doesn’t have anything interesting left. But rules and rules, and they’ve been put in place for our own safety. When so many of the citizens of our country are in hospitals battling a deadly virus and our healthcare workers are putting their own lives at risk to cure them, when migrant workers and daily labourers are unable to make ends meet and police officers are out on the streets urging us to stay home, how is it fair for the privileged lot to have no regard for the law, whatsoever?

On Sunday, 10th May, model and actress Poonam Pandey was booked by the Mumbai Police for violating the lockdown norms that have been imposed on the city. She was found on Marine Drive roaming around in her high end car for seemingly no reason. An FIR has been registered against her and another person who was accompanying her for the same.


Guys, we understand completely how hard this lockdown has been. To be suddenly uprooted from your normal life and thrown into the chaos of all of these new restrictions is not easy on any of us. We’re all suffering – some in ways much more drastic and painful than others. But those of us who are blessed enough to live in a comfortable home and have more than enough money to buy our essential supplies need to remember that not everyone can say the same for themselves. Our privilege comes with the responsibility of following the rules and taking all the precautions necessary. This is something we have to do for our own safety, as well as for the safety of our near and dear ones.

Binge Netflix. Read every single book you have at home. Sleep all day and all night. Stare into space. But please, please, stay at home. Don’t let the sacrifices of our essential workers be for nothing, and don’t put the safety of your loved ones at risk. One late night drive is not worth it.

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