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Pooja Bhatt Tries To Deflect Blame By Asking If People Have Thought About Those Living On The Fringes Of Society. Did You?

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Over the course of the past few weeks, I have found myself having a more frequent run in with certain topics, all of which either circled back to or arose from the controversial matter of taking drugs. It seems to have divided everyone. Needless to say, all of this, that has been a part of the domino effect after Rhea Chakraborty’s arrest by the Narcotics department on charges of having consumed marijuana. Which isn’t alarming, certainly something that’s quite widespread. But then Pooja Bhatt came along wanting to talk about people in the fringes of society doing drugs and it call crumbled from there. Admittedly, all of Bollywood finds itself under a scanner now but this deflection by Pooja Bhatt seems to be a massive fail.

If we’re being honest, almost everyone here would’ve had one or more encounters with drugs in their life. Be it in way of a prescription drug (why are they also called that?) that made us feel all the more at ease or of someone casually offering you a joint at a party you would’ve said no (or yes) to. And while it is universal knowledge that drugs aren’t just illegal, they’re harmful to health, different people have different stories as to what led them here. From depression to thrill to just an experience, people say they’ve had their reasons.

But even if that may be right, no ones story is greater or more important than the other. And we must not find ourselves reaching out to condemn one matter at hand, only to replace it with another matter that was left unaddressed. Something that was recently done by former actress Pooja Bhatt, who raised a question on Twitter,  about all the causes that compel or push people into drug abuse.

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In a tweet, she wrote, “Does anyone care about people who live on the ultimate fringe of society, who use drugs to make the pain of living go away? The ones who are too battered & broken to chase dreams but chase substances amidst much poverty & squalor? Anyone interested in their rehabilitation?”

And the thing with her tweet was that, it was almost the same as someone ranting over a personal problem being cut off mid-sentence by another person who then would begin to tell them of all the things much worse in the world. And unless you have something to do about it, your opinion would stand largely unappreciated or worse, unrequired. Which is exactly what we saw happening, as her tweet gathered a lot of mixed reactions from the public. Dear Pooja Bhatt, how do you talk about drugs and help when you are sitting in your ivory tower?

People shot back at her with a quick, “What have you done about it”, implying how she too, despite having faced drug abuse once in her life has never really done anything to actually help the less fortunate. One user wrote, “Pooja,Ur point is very much valuable, Have u ever tried to help such people.” A few people also mentioned how there first needs to be a clean up of the industry before they move on to others, while there were others who saw eye to eye with Pooja and stood by her support.

They argued on her behalf and wrote, “I have seen one of my close friends getting addicted to drug and other substances due to a bad break up which resulted in depression and then addiction.” Pooja Bhatt’s drugs tweet that remains to attract mixed reactions might be in fact true, but dismissing an on-going probe for another problem, just seems to deflect the matter at hand, than resolve it. Especially since there is no action to support all that talk.

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