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Pooja Bhatt Says Dissent Is The Greatest Form Of Patriotism. And We Couldn’t Agree More

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Look, you can read what you want, believe what you will and let your misogyny lead the way. But even then, begrudgingly perhaps, you will have to admit, that women have been a powerful, undeniable force during the anti-CAA protests. We’ve left homes, responsibilities and more, to come down to the streets and tell you, ‘Sorry, this isn’t working’ and we’re staying put till you will listen. We’ve been so resilient, it’s shaken them. Because they’re talking about us, about our protests.

Point being, women are at the forefront and there’s no silencing. And now, another voice has been added. Pooja Bhatt, who’s been known to court controversy, was at an event in in Colaba, Mumbai, where she expressed solidarity with the protests. This was at an event organised by the Parcham Foundation and We the People of Maharashtra.

Here, she said, “Our silence will not save us and neither will the government’s. The ruling party has actually united us. Students (protesting against CAA-NRC) are giving us the message that it’s time to raise our voices. We will not stop until we are heard loud and clear. Dissent is the greatest form of patriotism.”

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She also made a mention of the fact that the protests are actually bringing people together, instead of fracturing the fabric of the country.  According to ANI, Pooja said, “I implore our leaders to listen to the voices that have risen in the country. The women in India, at Shaheen Bagh and Lucknow… We’ll not stop until we are heard loud and clear. I’d implore people to speak up more. I don’t support CAA & NRC as it divides my house.”

Now, we’re not entirely sure if the house she is referring to here is her actual home – implying family etc. – or she means the country which she considers her home. Either way, we are glad she has added her voice to vociferous protests that the country is seeing. Because every voice, big or small, counts and works towards making this a movement that won’t die down. And that, more than anything is the need of the hour.

But more importantly, Pooja talked about dissent. A word that is being bandied about quite a lot and it is the one thing that seems to make the powers that be, very, very uncomfortable. She rightfully says dissent is a form of patriotism and we couldn’t agree more!

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