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Pooja Bedi’s Children Not Only Supported But Also Encouraged Her To Marry Again. Our Society Should Learn From Them.

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We know Pooja Bedi as a stunning woman who stands unapologetically by her choices. The Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar actress had married Farhan Furniturewala in 1994. They had two children together – Alaya and Omar – before getting divorced. Ever since then Pooja Bedi has been a single mother and that too in an era when it was probably considered no less than a social sin. Of course, things haven’t changed much now and several things independent women do are looked down upon by those who’d like to chain our free will.

However, the actress found love again in Maneck Contractor. The couple got engaged last year on Valentine’s Day, and are all set to tie the knot soon. Pooja even tweeted about Maneck’s romantic proposal after a little over a year of being together. We’re so glad that she hasn’t hesitated to move on with her life and find her own happiness!


And while in India, society doesn’t support the fact that mothers are individuals first who have desires, her children were rather supportive. In a recent interview, Pooja has revealed that not only are they encouraging her to marry again but they have also supported her relationships in the past. “My children have really liked the men in my life and they have liked each one of them. For whatever reason, it hasn’t worked out, but I enjoyed the journey with them,” Pooja told SpotboyE in an interview.

Her ex-husband, Farhan Furniturewala has also moved on and is happily married to Laila Khan Furniturewala. They have a son together. According to Pooja, her children Alaya and Omar have encouraged her to do the same.

“Just before Maneck came into my life, Alaya and Omar were chatting about something and they said, ‘Mama, you should really get your life together,’ I said, ‘What?’ They said, ‘Yeah, look at papa. He has met Laila aunty and settled down with her. They have had a child together. He has got his life sorted. You should also get someone and just get married and settled down,” she said as reported by Hindustan Times.

We think it’s wonderful that Pooja’s children have been so encouraging and supportive of her. It shows she has raised them right. Unfortunately, our society, in general, doesn’t understand the concept of divorce and remarriage well. Even if a woman is in an abusive relationship, she is advised to just stick it out and compromise. A woman who got divorced is often deemed as a bad life-partner material – either her character is assassinated or she is assumed to be disrespectful.

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For a woman with children, the stigma is even more. Women are expected to be devoted to their children and family while shutting out their own desires for love and companionship. It is one thing for a man to move on, but a woman’s character will be questioned a hundred times. She will be scrutinised and judged to be a bad wife and mother by the orthodox, misogynistic section of our society, which honestly is quite large.

We are so happy for Pooja Bedi and how she doesn’t give two hoots about the traditionalists. And most importantly it is refreshing to see Pooja getting all the support she needs from her children. Maybe people can learn from it a little?

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