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Politician Jitu Patwari Compares All Of BJP’s Failed Ventures To Having Daughters. The Misogyny Is Disgusting

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What do we know for sure about the people we elect to be representatives of our state and nation? Nothing really, except that most of them are known to be notoriously corrupt, uneducated and ridiculously narrow-minded (well, except when its election time). Don’t get me wrong, but I really think if we had politicians who thought about what to say and when to say it instead of being completely mindless, offensive and overtly sexist we would be in a much better place today. Saying the right thing at the right time is literally their primary job, but well here we are, for the millionth time. 

A Congress representative in the Madhya Pradesh government landed himself in a sticky situation after he posted a seriously sexist tweet on Wednesday. So, well it was just a regular Wednesday.  

In a failed attempt to attack the BJP government, Jitu Patwari, an MLA in the MP government posted a tweet comparing all the seemingly bad things the BJP government has done to our economy like demonetization and GST to having daughters. He said that we got 5 daughters when people hoped to get a son, who he compared to development or “vikas

His, now deleted, tweet read, “Putra ke chakkar mein 5 putri paida ho gayi. 1 notebandi, 2 GST, 3 mehengai, 4 berozgaari, 5 mandi. Parantu abhi tak ‘Vikas’ paida nahi hua.” (In the hope of having a male child, we now have 5 daughters. 1 demonetisation, 2 GST, 3 inflation, 4 unemployment, 5 slowdown. However, Vikas is not born yet.) 

Before I go on any further, I would like to take a moment to point out that Jitu Patwari is the former cabinet minister for Higher Education, Sports and Youth Affairs of Madhya Pradesh. Maybe it would help to have a higher education?  

Basically, he tried to draw up an analogy between the BJP government’s failures to having a girl child and development to having a son. And people ask me if there is gender-bias is so high in our country. What else can you expect from the people when our so-called “leaders” think this way?

After he received a lot of backlash, Jitu Patwari issued an apology, well it was something close to an apology. He said, “I regret if any sentiments have been hurt. As far as daughters are concerned, they are divine”. 

His next tweet read, “Modiji broke the back of the country’s economy with demonetisation, GST, inflation, unemployment and recession. The public endured all this only in the hope of development. I regret if any sentiments have been hurt.” 

Of course, this quickly escalated into a Twitter feud between Congress and the BJP. One of the people who called Jitu Patwari out was Madhya Pradesh CM Shivraj Singh Chauhan. He said, “As the country is celebrating the sacrifice of Rani Durgavati (a mid-16th century queen), he is tweeting that five daughters were born for a son. Is it a crime to have daughters? Has Sonia Gandhi given the task of humiliating daughters to this leader?” 

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Though he does pose a correct question, his example is a little out-of-date. Don’t me wrong I am just saying that rather than talking about a 16th-century queen, it would’ve been more efficient if he would’ve talked about all the amazing things girls are doing in today’s world and how there should be equality between a son and a daughter now. But hey, brownie points to him for trying.   

The National Commission for Women (NCW) has also taken notice of this misogynistic tweet. A spokesperson for the NCW tweeted, “It is sad that these people, with this kind of mind-set, are calling themselves leaders. What are they teaching to their followers, I wonder. Will ask for an explanation from him for sure.”  

 I really believe that instead of bickering like little school-going kids, if politicians spent the time to think about why they desperately need to stop saying shit like this, we would actually achieve some of the “vikas” we need. Jitu Patwari really needs to issue a sincere apology and say what he said was shameful and that he understands why that is. 

Why can’t our politicians have some kind of filter?!

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