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Police Constable Amaldar Razia Sayyed Was Recorded On Camera Sweeping The Glass Off The Road After An Accident

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Most of the times, the fact that anything ever put on social media will become a full blown public affair is one of the things that we dislike about virality. Most of the time, once it’s out there, you lose all control and rights over it. But the other times, the same kind of virality, can catapult a person from relative anonymity to stardom for the right reasons. Like traffic constable Amaldar Razia Sayyed, who became viral overnight, after a video of her sweeping on the road was shared on the internet.

Working as a woman police constable in Pune, Amaldar Razia Sayyed was recently caught on camera, sweeping the road after a road accident had taken place on Monday evening, resulting in shattered glass pieces and debris lying in the middle of the road, making it a tad bit dangerous for the passers by.

Acknowledging how it might become a trouble for the pedestrians and those passing by, Amaldar Razia proactively decided to take care of the situation, without worrying about whether what she was going to do fell under her job profile or not.

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Simply picking up a broom, Razia was captured earnestly  sweeping across the road clearing glass and fibre pieces of a motorcycle on Tilak Road in Pune. The video started capturing everyone’s attention as soon as it was put up, with numerous reactions and comments, all of which praised her for her effort to keep the public safe.

Maharashtra’s Home Minister Anil Deshmukh who also came across the video, shared the video on the micro-blogging platform Twitter and wrote, “To avoid inconvenience to the citizens, women police Amaldar Razia Sayyed took the initiative & cleaned broken glasses with a broomstick that had fallen on the road due to a minor accident. The task carried out by her for the safety of the citizens is exemplary.”

The constable who is now being held in high regards for her proactiveness, shared, “I swept the road to ensure that there were no further accidents. Vehicle tyres could have also fattened due to the glass pieces,” as she told how she borrowed the broom from a nearby eatery and cleaned the area immediately after the accident occurred.

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