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Plume And Petal Is A Floral Flavoured Vodka For Women. Because Apparently Regular Vodka Is Too Manly For Us

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There is a huge stereotype that has been going around for a very long time. Women can’t hold their liquor. Or that women love only cocktails. Often, the drinks are served in dainty glasses so we know it’s meant for a ‘ladies’ drink. It’s ridiculous. First of all, alcohol capacity has nothing to do with whether you have two X chromosomes or an XY chromosome (for all those who didn’t get it, take a bio class). It’s the same as saying all women like pink. Erm, no. Secondly, what is a “girly drink”? I love myself a talk drink of rum, and I will happily knock back a whiskey. 

But when it comes to alcohol, men do make up a large part of the consumption. Inexplicably, a bunch of utterly clueless men sit together to make drinks targeted to women.. They use and abuse stereotypes so much that after a certain point, it’s just plain insulting. I just don’t get it, It’s 2020, why are we still going around in circles? 

The reason I am so irked right now is that after so many marketing debacles because of ruthless stereotyping, brands still don’t seem to not know how to make products for women. Or that maybe they shouldn’t make them at all.  The latest brand that came out with a super stereotypical campaign is Bacardi. 

Yes, everyone’s favourite rum brand has absolutely no idea what their women customers want. So instead of coming up a new gender-neutral rum, because apparently ladies will faint immediately if offered a regular rum, they thought they should make a flavoured vodka that caters solely to women. Phew, I can finally do away with all the macho vodka now. This is the product I was waiting for. 

The people over at Bacardi just announced a floral themed spirit made by women for women. The press releases publicized Bacardi’s latest venture, Plume & Petal as, “the first spirit design [sic] by women, for today’s modern woman, to be enjoyed with other women.” 

Plume and Petal is specifically a flavoured vodka that comes in three well, flavours- Cucumber Splash, Peach Wave, and Lemon Drift. Again, sigh of relief that I do not have have anything too masculine like tobacco or whatever. I don’t think my fragile body could handle it. Their marketing campaign revolves around how this vodka has fewer calories and is gluten-free. Man, do they know what women are looking for. 

The official description for this lady vodka read, “For time savoured, not spent, Plume & Petal is a premium, gluten-free vodka infused with delicate, natural fruit, botanical and tea with just a hint of honey. Perfect poolside, at brunch, or for evenings with friends, enjoy Plume & Petal as a refreshing spritz with club soda, an easy punch, or even easier, on ice.” 

You know, one would expect a brand like Baracdi to know its audience. I really want to know what made them think that all women look for in a drink is fewer calories, no gluten and a floral flavour. But hey, we are thankful. Our feminine brain was so befuddled with all the manly things in regular drinks

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A woman is not looking for her drink to be gluten-free. She is looking to enjoy her drink or get drunk. Same as men. Also, I would like to break this to you. Women, yes, like a floral flavour sometimes. Just like a man would. But in no way or form does that translate into the fact that everything we do, eat or drink has to be “infused with delicate natural fruit”. This may come as a huge shocker but we love a smooth whiskey or a rum and coke too. Those drinks are not exclusively for men because believe it or not, alcohol is consumed with the aim of getting drunk. A concept that is clearly alien to the people over at Bacardi. 

Although, this is not the first time alcohol brands have created something like this. There is an alcohol called Skinnygirl Vodka. It caters of course, to women and it is also marketed as extremely low calorie. Also, what’s with the name? It’s like a reminder that women are supposed to be skinny and count calories even with alcohol. STFU, please. 

Next, we have the 2018 Jane Walker debacle. You see, Johnnie Walker rebranded their whole “macho” image for this line of faux-feminist whiskey. They were marketing this Jane Walker line as the drink for feminist women, who want to do all the things that men do- like drink whiskey. What they didn’t seem to understand is that the “women who drink like men” ideology is bullshit in itself. I just have one question though, how is a whiskey going to contribute to women empowerment? Needless to say, Johnnie Walker faced huge amounts of backlash for this. 

This last debacle is by far my favourite- Chick beer. Oh yes, it’s a beer that caters to women. Can someone please explain the need for this product? Why can’t women enjoy the same beer that men enjoy? But that’s not even my biggest problem with this beverage. It has a pink labelling and a little black dress on each bottle. If you tell me that’s not stereotypical, I will tell you to go read a book. Oh, did I mention that the carrier is shaped like a purse? Ugh. 

Seriously, entire marketing campaigns based of stereotypes? Wonderful. Maybe we can fling an empty bottle on their heads. 

Anyway, I said my piece, now can I please finish my whiskey in peace? 

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